Betonline Review | BLACKLISTED - illegal & scam (2022)

Warning: This betting site is blacklisted! Read our Bet Online review to see why you should skip this illegal site and visit some legit US sportsbooks instead!

My BetOnline review found that from a lame bonus to some miserable BetOnline poker, there’s plenty to avoid on this platform. Is the BetOnline sportsbook safe enough for you? Hell no and it’s completely illegal! Take a look below at what happened aboard my BetOnline review.

Travel cautiously into deep space with

BetOnline is certainly one of the smaller online gambling sites that you’ll see whilst browsing through the various online betting sites. Everything from the BetOnline casino to the brand’s sportsbook fails to compare to leading operators. I was a little confused with the brand’s licensing. Scratch that, I was extremely wary and this has dragged down the operator’s reputation to the point of no return. is based in Panama, doesn’t appear to have any US regulation and cannot operate legally in the US. This means that you will not get any customer protection if you signed up for this online gambling site. As such, we can tell you right away that this isn’t a good site to use. Let’s look at why we say so…

BetOnline Logbook: What nightmares have happened so far

  • 01. January 2001: BetOnline starts its offer. No one knows why
  • 04. April 2021: switches to to fool customers
  • 30. June 2021: I updated my negative BetOnline test
  • 30. July 2021:Playersbest blacklists

Terrible results in my interplanetary BetOnline review

Avoid online betting with suspicious bonuses

I found that BetOnline offers a sportsbook that serves up odds for several different sports. What makes this sportsbook a little more intriguing is the availability of bonuses. Or at least, that’s what I thought from the get-go. However, the site isn’t to be trusted and this means that you should avoid claiming the bonuses.

Skip these comically bad casino bonuses

You might think of as primarily being an online sportsbook. But I found that it also hosts an online casino – with no sign of licensing and security. The lobby features slots and table games, and there’s even a couple of live casino games at BetOnline.

There are BetOnline welcome bonuses for casino gaming. These will allegedly match your first three deposits by 100%. However, we’d advise you to opt-out and find a more reputable (and legal) online gambling site for your needs. After all, BetOnline isn’t licensed and most likely will not come through on the pledges made with its bonuses.

Dismal poker offering

BetOnline also has an awful online poker platform. Once I downloaded the poker software, I found that I had access to a limited range of tournaments and sit-and-go poker games. However, with the constant reminder that the site simply doesn’t make the cut, there’s little one can aspire to.

You can take part in some Poker Missions that pretend to give you rewards for your gameplay. But it’s just not the right platform to enjoy online poker from seeing as though is constantly weighed down by insufficient licensing and security measures.

Is BetOnline safe enough for you? No

Bland website makes online betting boring, plus no app

It features a bold red, white, and black color scheme which means you can just about read everything. The page loading times were barely fast enough to cope with live betting, and the design of the site leaves you begging for more – not in a good way! There’s just not enough attention to detail here.

A major criticism would be that there was nothing in the form of a BetOnline app. So I used the browser on my iPhone and found that BetOnline had created a mobile version of the website. However, without a dedicated app, you’re bound to receive a second-rate experience, and no-one wants an illegal second-rate experience.

Is BetOnline regulated in the US? No it isn’t

This is where things got a little tricky. I found no evidence of being licensed in the US. While the brand’s FAQ says that it is legally licensed and fully regulated as ‘an international company’, there’s no mention of how it complies with US online gambling laws.

As a result, I would avoid using I had was able to access the site during my BetOnline review. However, this was for research purposes. I recommend that you steer clear. The BetOnline site says that it features SSL encryption to keep your personal data safe but I found no proof of this and the site is less than open about their full privacy policy. All of this means I’d start looking elsewhere, via my reviews, for better online platforms.

Don’t make payments and withdrawals at

I was hoping to be able to make a deposit at BetOnline from my Visa debit card. However, I found that the site was blocked by my US bank. While this was annoying, I was glad afterwards as the minimum deposit threshold for opening an account was very high. Other deposit options at included cards like MasterCard, American Express, and Discover but US customers probably won’t be able to use them.

I also wasn’t able to withdraw back to my card, but I was told that I would able to withdraw via a Neteller e-wallet. The withdrawal took ages to land in my account and I thought that I wasn’t going to get paid at all. I should also mention the fact that the minimum withdrawal amounts are extremely steep for bank transfers, and you might even see some big processing fees for other withdrawal methods. That’s another reason why you should think twice before getting involved with this illegal online gambling site.

Little help in my review

You can tell a lot about a gambling site from how it takes care of its customers. BetOnline features customer support that’s allegedly available 24/7 but I found it hard to get in touch at any time of day or night. I found that I could try to use the free live chat service. However, the mere allocation of resources for support doesn’t mean that it’s functional. can definitely do a better job in tending to customer issues.

Beyond this, you’ll see some customer support email addresses and even a telephone hotline, but neither of which appeared to be working. To be honest, you’ll probably be able to get most problems sorted just by reading through the BetOnline FAQ even though this has lots of misleading information. Either way, the support is lacking in comparison to US-regulated sites. is unable to reach the next dimension

Bad betting contests

BetOnline hosts some lame betting contests. These allow you to take a share of some limited prize pools by making more accurate predictions than other sports fans. These are free contests and they cover a wide range of sporting events ranging from US Open golf to major soccer tournaments like the Euros, but all seemed to be rigged to me.

I played a contest that gave me a chance to win a five-figure sum for predicting the winners of the NBA playoffs bracket. To be fair, I lost, so I can’t report back as to whether this sportsbook follows through on its promises. If only they spent the same amount of energy attaining a legal status in the US. But, as an offshore site, it’s best to forgo these betting contests.

BetOnline Sports Betting

Possibly the lamest online sportsbook in the solar system

Betting on sports – Don’t try it here!

I’m a massive fan of basketball and so I simply had to see what odds BetOnline had for this sport. I picked a regular NBA game between the Clippers and the Suns and discovered that there weren’t as many markets as you’d expect.

There were some basic game props bets, but there was a shortage of betting markets for all other US sports in the NFL, NHL, and MLB. covers some major sports like soccer, tennis, and golf but smaller markets aren’t tended to as one would expect.

Get interstellar odds elsewhere on your favorite sport

All online sportsbooks should be judged on the quality of their odds. So I turned my attention to what kinds of odds BetOnline was serving up for the futures betting. I picked the San Francisco 49ers to win the next Super Bowl and then compared BetOnline’s odds with one of the biggest US sportsbooks. falls short of the mark when it comes to competitive odds and it’s clear you should weigh up your options instead of utilizing these lesser odds.

Don’t bet live on sports here

Like all sportsbooks, BetOnline lets you bet live on sports. The Wimbledon tennis tournament was underway when I carried out this BetOnline review, so I checked out what live tennis bets were on offer. I found a limited number of live bets for markets like match winner, set winner, the total number of games, and so on. However, the actual live betting functionality is pretty basic and doesn’t enable you to immerse yourself fully. Plus, there’s no substitute for having live streaming; something which doesn’t offer.

BetOnline Casino

Only planet-sized losses at the BetOnline casino

Online slots to avoid

I’m more than partial to some slots gaming, so I wasn’t too happy with what I found at the BetOnline casino. I found an overall shortage of fun slots games. Plus, the fact that top software developers aren’t on show means the gameplay is pretty average at best.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to rack up any major wins from the BetOnline slot games. Another let down of the BetOnline casino was that there wasn’t too much in the way of jackpot slots.

An abysmal selection of table games

I didn’t have too much luck with the BetOnline slot games, and I didn’t find too too much to enjoy with the brand’s table games either. I found that you could play a few rounds of titles like American blackjack but even this was not as good as what you get elsewhere. Plus, the variants on offer are pretty average so there’s little to write home about. I should note that there are some table games with a few more options for things like roulette, craps, baccarat, and poker. But, with the site having the reputation that it does, there’s not much point in getting started.

Some of the worst live casinos in the cosmos

BetOnline offers two live casino sections. I started out in the Black Live Dealer area. This featured live dealer games that were beamed from the Fresh Deck Studios. I began with a few rounds of Casino Hold’em and then switched over to Auto Roulette. Sadly, luck wasn’t on my side, so I headed over to the Red Live dealer section. This featured live blackjack, roulette, and baccarat games and I lost again which makes me think that something wasn’t right here.

The two different live dealer sections don’t make much sense at the end of the day and it means you’re hopping around trying to find a decent game to play, all the while wasting valuable time.

BetOnline Poker

Rocket science degree needed to use BetOnline poker software

I’ll happily admit that I am neither a massive poker expert nor a technology fan. As such I had a nightmare getting the poker software to work properly. I had to download the software directly to my laptop but found it took longer than acceptable to get the games started.

It wasn’t that easy to browse through all of the available tournaments, and the actual poker games were slow to load. Not what you’d expect from a modern online poker platform.

Any intergalactic poker tournaments to enjoy? Nope

I found that there was a shortage of online poker tournaments at the site. I started out with some of the All-In Shootouts. These serve up fairly mediocre prizes, and unfortunately, my poker gaming skills let me down here.

From here, I thought I’d try my luck at some of those fast-paced sit-and-go games. These featured some leaderboards that awarded players who’d picked up the most tournament money for their online poker gameplay. However, stats are uploaded slowly and the entire experience is below what I’ve come to expect.

Limited number of poker variants in the known universe

I’ll be honest and say that has way less variants of poker than what I’d like to play. I’m the type of poker fan who’s more than happy to play a few rounds of Texas Hold’em but also enjoys trying out other games. Thus, doesn’t quite do it for me.

Plus, buy-in stakes are difficult to assess as this site is known to hold back important information. Therefore, it’s difficult to assess whether this site actually provides an all-inclusive poker experience.

Betonline review FAQs

🔒Is Betonline safe to use?

While Betonline may not have the best reputation, we still wanted to take the time to review this site to show you why joining is such a bad idea. With our review, you will find a brutally honest assessment of the site so that you know for sure whether or not the platform is safe enough for you to use. Here’s a clue: avoid this site.

❓What do other users have to say about the site?

We not only give you the best online gambling news here at PlayersBest but we also like to give you an idea of what previous users have said about these kinds of sites. We let you know what the overall feeling is towards Betonline by showing what some of your online gambling peers have had to say about their experiences at this lame betting site.

💰Can you find any promotions on the site?

With our comprehensive review of Betonline, we shed light on all the important elements of the site so that you know exactly what type of platform it is. In amongst this information, we also review some of the available promotions on the site. However, it’s worth noting that this is an illegal gambling site so you should completely avoid it.

💳What deposit methods can I use?

In order to receive promotions from the best sports betting sites in the US you always need to make sure that your preferred deposit method is available first. As such, we analyze the list of payment methods available at Betonline so that you know for sure if your preferred method is among their list. But to be fair, you’d be best off completely avoiding this offshore gambling site.

📞How do I contact their support team?

There is a good chance that you’ll run into some problems somewhere down the line when using Betonline which is why it is important for you to know how you can contact their support staff. Our review of the site gives you insight into what contact methods are available for you to use. Just don’t expect an answer from this dreadful betting site.

BetOnline Review: A tiresome attempt that fizzles into nothing

I felt that BetOnline had very little of the basic things that you should be looking for in an online gambling site. So if you’re looking for decent odds on all sports, and a fair number of online casino games and some poker software, you won’t find it here

I found it tricky to overlook the fact that BetOnline didn’t appear to have any US regulation. This means that BetOnline is effectively an ‘offshore betting site’, and as such, is under no legal obligation to actually pay you whatever winnings you make. This is a real shame, and the main reason why we recommend you do not ever sign up with this site. There are far more trustworthy sites that you can utilize. Read our latest reviews here at Playersbest to find a legitimate betting site.

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