Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (2023)

Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (1)

The City of Joy, Kolkata pays homage to countless talented faces, some of which chase money and other dreams. Though there are tons of critics who call the city politicised with its work culture and unhealthy working environment, we strongly feel that it is a somewhat archaic view. With time the city has evolved not only economically, but culturally as well. Kolkata provides students with opportunities where they can get both money and dream accomplishment through short-term internship programs.

To put forward our view, we have compiled a list of top 10 companies offering the best internship programs for students in Kolkata.

UrbanClap Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.

Despite the fact that they started their business with just three services in one city, today UrbanClap is a leading employer in the capital of West Bengal. With more than 1000 employees, the company offers full authority to its interns during the internship tenure. The work culture at UC gives the interns an ownership and decision making ability to experiment, fail, learn, and excel at their respective roles. The company also has a record of an excellent work culture, where even the co-founders and VP, personally take care of development goals for the interns. Prominent intern roles in the company include working in the operations, supply re-engagement, activity survey, and efficiency improvement.

Stipend Range: 5000-10,000 INR

Intern Insight: The working environment in UC is different with no bossy culture and countless opportunities to learn & execute on your own. The companies offer freedom to work from home or office, and allows you to sit wherever you want to sit either on a beanbag, workstation, meeting room, or bunk-bed. No dress code, no formals, you can wear whatever you like. Flexible office timings, in-door & outdoor parties, outstation trips, in-house gym, free lunch & dinner, shuttle service, and 5 days working makes it students’ favourite.


Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (2)
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Named as the world's fourth most admired IT Services Company, Cognizant has its 2nd largest office in Kolkata. 15000 employees working from the Cognizant’s Kolkata office, make Cognizant the second largest IT employer in the state only after TCS. As the IT giant continues to grow, it welcomes fresh talent with open arms. Some interns work as long as one year in the company as they fall in love with the culture and the work. Here the interns are free to make their own decision and are given full ownership of the work assignment. The stipend is competitive and perks like team lunches, movie outings and weekend trips are surely lucrative.

Stipend Range: 8000-12,000 INR

Intern Insight: The working environment in Cognizant is very cool with flexible timing and freedom to wear whatever you want. The office environment is relaxed and although a lot of work is being done, there is no visible tension. The seniors are friendly and approachable. The office campus is beautiful and the huge cafeteria leaves you spoilt for choices.

Note: Cognizant has a history of extending a pre-placement offer to a large majority of its interns.

Hindustan Copper Ltd.

Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (3)

Please don't be mistaken with the logo of Hindustan Copper Ltd (HCL) with that of HCL Technologies. All-in-all, Hindustan Copper Ltd (HCL) is the only vertically integrated copper producer in India with its central office located in Kolkata. For students from mechanical and metallurgical engineering branches, Hindustan Copper is one of the best places to intern where they can get exposure on a wide spectrum of activities ranging from Mining to Smelting, Beneficiation, and Refining, etc. Some students even get a chance to visit mines or get allocated to work there for a part of their internship which can be a great learning experience.

Stipend Range: 5000-8000 INR

Intern Insight: Ask any person who interned with Hindustan Copper and they can speak enough of the learnings they have had. With technically advanced and large scale operations at the world’s largest copper producer, you get unique learning opportunity and transition from the surface to the depth of the mines. Work pressure is low and people around are helpful.

Exide Industries

Headquartered in Kolkata, Exide Industries Limited is the manufacturer of automotive and industrial lead-acid batteries. Exide takes its internship program very seriously and recruits interns from premier campuses like IIT's/ IISc. If you dream of a career in manufacturing, Exide with its best in class technology, state of the art facilities, diversity in roles, and processes gives you an amazing start. As quoted in their official internship page “Our internship programmes are designed to give students a hands-on experience in business practices and chosen occupational fields. When we assign you projects at Exide, you make a difference! At Exide, we ensure that the projects at hand will enable our interns to understand the actual challenges, opportunities and scenarios an Exide employee faces giving them the opportunity to work on live projects under the mentorship of top management.”

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Stipend Range: 12000-18000 INR

Intern Insight: Interns love the flexible culture in the office. They are given a day or 2 to settle in before they are assigned a real project to work in. There is mutual respect among colleagues and no bossy culture. Work-life balance is high with no dress codes. Free shuttle service and huge cafeteria a bonus for the interns.

The Linde Group

Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (4)

Built on a heritage of innovation with a strong focus on technology, The Linde Group’s first ever base in India was in Kolkata. It has grown manifolds since and has now more than 1000 employees and offices in multiple cities in India. Whether you want to make a career in India or want to move abroad to seek career avenues, an internship with the Linde Group can give you a perfect head start. Dealing mainly in gas and engineering solutions, you can pursue an internship here regardless of your engineering branch.

Stipend Range: 18000-25000 INR

Intern Insight: Ownership of work, decision making, acceptance and unbiased learning are some of the key features of internship at The Linde Group. Apart from a lucrative stipend, you get to participate in many fun activities, team outings, weekend resort outings, and a lot more. If you are pursuing a long-term internship with The Linde Group, you might get a chance to visit many countries for short duration

Tata Metaliks

Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (5)

A subsidiary of Tata Steel, Tata Metaliks has its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Kharagpur and its head office at Kolkata. If its office at Tata Centre, the largest building in CBD doesn’t interest you enough already, know that the stipend offered is more than 15k. Hired after a long and gruelling process of online assessment followed by group discussion and personal interview, the interns are top-notch and so is the quality of work offered to them. And the chances of an intern getting a pre-placement offer is simply great.

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Stipend Range: 15000 - 17000 INR

Intern Insight: Ample learning opportunities with support from experienced senior managers. Great infrastructure, gym, cafeteria, recreation room and lot many facilities. The brand name of Tata and growth opportunities that come along, make an internship at Tata Metaliks a great option.

Berger Paints

Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (6)

The second largest paint manufacturer and distributor in India, Berger Paints is a household name. Headquartered in Kolkata, a majority of its 3500 employees work from Kolkata office making it one of the most skill-rich places to be in. Interns here attend a 2-day induction program during which they get to meet and interact with the company COO, Marketing Heads and various other high-profile people, which is surely a great learning experience. With the opportunity to work on real projects, the work pressure might seem a bit tight sometimes but the action is exciting and will keep you on your toes.

Stipend Range: 7000 – 12,000 INR

Intern Insight: You get to work on important projects and get complete ownership of the work. You learn to work in a disciplined, well-managed environment, under an experienced mentor. Great people, fun environment, dinners, and night outs make learning even more fun.


Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (7)

Initially, an Indian Cigarette Company, now ITC has ventured into multiple avenues and become a household name with names like Aashirwad, Classmate, Fiama Di Wills, ITC Hotels and ITC Infotech to name a few. ITC’s internship program KITES is well-known and highly competitive internship program. For anyone in a professional course who would like to learn a little more and gain hands-on experience of the way businesses work, an internship with ITC is the perfect start. ITC is dedicated towards building up a continuous learning culture by organizing fresher’s training every other week. They had great induction programmes for new joinee too!

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Stipend Range: 10000 - 18000 INR

Intern Insight: Supporting environment, huge product portfolio, amazing hospitality, technical exposure, and a chance to work in a multi-cultural environment define the internship experience at ITC Kolkata. Unlike offices in Bengaluru or Chennai, the environment here is laid-back and the work-life balance is great. Not to forget the brand recognition that comes along.

Coal India

Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (8)

Coal India Limited (CIL) is the largest coal producing company in the world. The Indian-state organization is a perfect gateway for anyone seeking a career in related areas. With limited internship openings, the competition is tough and preference is given to those coming through referrals. You get to work on interesting (might not be real) projects in collaboration with fellow interns that will help you understand the difference between the textbook courses and field reality.

Stipend Range: No Stipend

Intern Insight: Short internship with a duration of just one month. Timings are flexible and management is easy-going and you will be directly working under managers and assistant managers. Free food is surely an added bonus.

Balmer Lawrie & Company

Top 10 Companies Offering the Best Internships In Kolkata (9)

Founded in 1867 in Kolkata, Balmer Lawrie & Company is the largest manufacturer of steel barrels in India along with products like industrial greases, speciality lubricants, corporate travel and logistics services. Here experts of various domains come together to form a strong technical team, providing the interns with lots of learning opportunities. In this professionally driven organization, you get complete freedom to present your ideas. Management is result-driven and promotes interns who work constructively.

Stipend Range: 6000-10000INR

Intern Insight: PSU based organization, free accommodation, free food, flexible schedule, and an opportunity to work in various fields are some of the top features of BL internship. The hiring process is long and may sometimes take months, so make sure you apply well in advance.

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