The 10 Biggest Aquariums In The World (Ranked By Size) (2023)

By Joey Haverford

These aquariums around the world have the biggest tanks - and that means bigger shows, and better homes for the animals.

The 10 Biggest Aquariums In The World (Ranked By Size) (1)

Aquariums are among the most popular attraction destinations in the world in almost every major city. These aquatic zoos feature a place where sea animals are the main focus. Aquariums are meant to introduce animals like sharks, octopi, and even dolphins to visitors to spark interest in the creatures in the ocean. They usually feature educational exhibits that allow people of all ages to learn about each animal.

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There are local aquariums almost everywhere, meaning you can check out one in your area. However, only a few are at the top of the list when it comes to the biggest in size. The gallons of water at each aquarium usually indicates the size of each. We will look at the biggest ones in the entire world along with information about what makes each of them special. These are the ten biggest aquariums in the world officially ranked by size.

10 Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Japan)

The Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is one of the biggest aquariums in the world and is found in Japan. This aquarium is located inside of the Ocean Expo Park in the Okinawa region. The animals featured there include dolphins, killer whales, manatees, and many more.

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An impressive 2.6 million gallons of water show just how large the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium is with all the exhibits making it worth the visit. It is by far the biggest aquarium in Japan and continues to find success with everyone going there when hoping to enjoy sea creatures.

9 Atlantic Sea Park (Norway)

Norway is the home of many great attractions and the Atlantic Sea Park stands out as the top aquarium in the country. This aquarium has been around since 1951 and continues to grow in popularity due to the size and variety of attractions.

There are two open touch pools and two activity pools to add a more interactive experience for visitors wanting more bang for their buck. The Atlantic Sea Park has over 4 million gallons of water for the exhibits and that will let you know just how big it is. You’ll need a full day there to enjoy everything offered.

8 uShaka Marine World (South Africa)

Durban (South Africa) is home to the uShaka Marine World aquarium. There are must-see attractions like shark, stingray, and jumping dolphin exhibits that are the standouts to bring people in. Eight sections of the park will see other elements like park rides to add more fun to the experience.

uShaka Marine World holds over 4.6 million gallons of water to make up all the exhibits offered at the aquarium. There is no doubt that this is the top aquarium in all of South America and deserves some consideration when breaking down the best in the entire world.

7 Shedd Aquarium (United States)

Chicago is home to Shedd Aquarium as it serves as one of the city’s biggest attraction. A popular city like Chicago has countless forms of entertainment which means the aquarium must constantly step up its game to bring people in consistently.

Shedd Aquarium holds over 5 million gallons of water for the over 30,000 different sea animals in the exhibits. There are also personal experiences like getting to feed penguins, get a closer view of a shark or even swim with a beluga whale. All these factors make Shedd Aquarium one of the biggest and most popular aquariums in the world.

6 The Seas with Nemo & Friends (United States)

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is not a traditional aquarium since it is a part of the bigger Epcot theme park in Florida’s Walt Disney World. However, it does remain one of the biggest aquariums in the world based on the size and the number of sea animals in exhibits.

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There is over 5.7 gallons of water for the entire aquarium within the park. The name ties into the hit Pixar films Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. It inspires kids to not only visit the aquarium but learn more about the various animals that live underwater.

5 Moscow Oceanarium (Russia)

The Moskvarium is the name most people use to refer to the Moscow Oceanarium in Russia. This aquarium is huge and is located in the Moscow area of the country. An impressive 6.6 gallons of water is needed for the exhibits in the large aquarium.

One interesting difference in the Moscow Oceanarium compared to other aquariums is that there’s a huge store for visitors to purchase for their home aquariums if they have any pet fish. This is the perfect aquarium for those that want to see larger sea creatures while purchasing the best items for their smaller creatures at home.

4 Georgia Aquarium (United States)

The Georgia Aquarium located in downtown Atlanta is the biggest aquarium in the United States. Most would not expect such an aquarium to be located in Atlanta, but the size makes it such a perfect option for those wanting to visit and see the most sea animals possible.

Over 10,000 animals and 500 species are at the Georgia Aquarium with over 10 million gallons of water. This was the biggest aquarium in the world between 2005 and 2012 until the next few choices on the list passed it by making big changes.

3 Oceanografic (Spain)

Spain is home to the Oceanograficaquarium with quite a few attractions. Some of the biggest draws to bring in visitors include the highly entertaining sea lion show, dolphin experiences and witnessing some of the largest sharks all in their respective exhibits.

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Oceanografic receives water straight from the Mediterranean Ocean and the size features about 11 million gallons of water. The variety of animals, large size and beautiful exhibits makes this Spain aquarium one of the absolute top aquariums in the entire world.

2 Marine Life Park (Singapore)

The aquarium named Marine Life Park is located in the Resort World Sentosa attraction in Singapore. It features 10,000 animals including stand out ones like the hammerhead shark and Japanese spider-crab. An aquarium having such attractions will always make it appealing to the average visitor.

A capacity of over 12 million gallons of water makes Marine Life Park the second biggest aquarium in the entire world. This is also one of the biggest attractions in the entire country of Singapore. Anyone visiting the country that even remotely enjoys aquariums must visit Marine Life Park.

1 Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (China)

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the biggest aquarium in the world as a top attraction in China. There are different aquatic themed areas in the aquarium that each is meant to showcase a different part of the ocean for educational and entertainment purposes.

The nearly 13 million gallons of water at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom makes it bigger than the rest. Quite a few attractions like water coaster rides, dolphin shows, and intimate experiences make it a special aquarium. No other aquarium can be called the biggest in the world until it passes Chimelong Ocean Kingdom.

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