Taylor Swift Thrills by Speaking in Spanish in Madrid: 5 Show Highlights (2024)

The American superstar delivered the first of two concerts at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Wednesday night.

Taylor Swift Thrills by Speaking in Spanish in Madrid: 5 Show Highlights (1)

Taylor Swifttransformed the renovated Santiago Bernabéu Stadium into a musical party on Wednesday (May 29), performing to a euphoric crowd of approximately 65,000 fans. It wasn’t only a night full of music and excitement but a triumphant return for Swift, who had not played in Madrid since 2011, with only about 4,000 people in attendance at the WiZink Center. Much has changed since then, and now Swift hangs the “sold out” sign at each of her concerts.

From the first moment she stepped on stage, Swift made it clear how special this night was for her. “It’s an honor to be able to say this so many years later,” she said in English before exclaiming in Spanish, “Madrid, ¡bienvenidos al Eras Tour!” Thus began a show of more than three hours where the audience sang non-stop, dancing and vibing with every note. The stadium’s energy was electrifying from the first chord to the last applause.

Swift opened her first of two dates in Madrid with an impressive 45-song set list, organized into 10 sections representing each of her musical eras: Lover, Fearless, Red, Speak Now, Reputation, Folklore/Evermore, 1989, The Tortured Poets Department, and a surprise set of songs from 2022’s Midnights to close the night. Each era was a journey through time, remembering and celebrating the evolution of one of the world’s most beloved artists.

The singer was visibly moved by the audience’s support and did not miss the opportunity to refer to those 13 years of waiting, promising that “it will never be that long again” until she returns to Spain. With another show scheduled at the Bernabéu Stadium on May 30, Swift’s magic continues to ignite hearts in the Spanish capital. Here are our favorite moments from the special night.

  • Speaking in Spanish

    The artist began the night by greeting the audience in Spanish, demonstrating her effort to connect with local fans. “Buenas tardes, encantada de veros,” Swift said after performing the first two tracks from the album Lover, translating to “Good afternoon, nice to see you all.” Throughout the night, she continued to use Spanish phrases, including, “Madrid, bienvenidos a The Eras Tour” (“Madrid, welcome to The Eras Tour”).

    One of the most applauded moments occurred during the song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”, when the singer surprised the audience by passing the microphone to one of the dancers, who completed the phrase with an emphatic ni de coña,” which is local slang that roughly translates to “no way.”

  • New Looks

    Another exciting moment came when Swift performed songs from her 1989 era, wearing an outfit designed by Roberto Cavalli that made a clear nod to the flag of Spain. The star emerged with a red strapless top and a yellow skirt, leading the whole Bernabéu to cheer in approval at the top of their lungs.

    Throughout The Eras Tour, Swift has been combining tops and skirts in different colors, from pink and green to yellow and blue at one of her concerts in Sweden. During the Folklore era in Madrid, she wore an Alberta Ferretti dress for the first time in blue, having previously worn it in green and in yellow.

  • Celebrities in Attendance

    Among the thousands in attendance were multiple local and international celebrities, from singers Aitana and Manuel Carrasco (both soon to perform at the same stadium) to the Haim sisters, and Hollywood actors Blake Livelyand Ryan Reynolds with their children.

    Aitana arrived at the concert a few minutes after Swift jumped on stage, being greeted with screams and applause from the audience. The “Alpha” singer, who will also fill the Bernabéu for two nights in December, expressed her excitement on Instagram: “Taylor, we LOVE YOU. This is being a dream. I can’t believe that in less than 7 months I’m going to be singing here. December 28 (sold out) and 29 (last tickets left).”

    One of the most touching moments occurred before Swift performed “Betty,” when she smiled at Lively and Reynolds’ three children, mentioning that her favorite Folklore characters are James, Ines and Betty. The family enjoyed the concert with special poignancy, given that the children’s names inspired the song. These details underscored Swift’s ability to create an intimate and personal atmosphere in a stadium filled with thousands of people.

  • The Surprise Songs

    Taylor Swift always takes advantage of the acoustic segment of each of her shows to perform unexpected songs, and Madrid was no exception. For her first night in the capital, she chose “Sparks Fly” and “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)” to play on guitar, and “I Look in People’s Windows” and “Snow On The Beach” on piano. It was a special and intimate moment in which the audience sang every lyric along with her.

    During the performance of “Snow On The Beach,” a trap door on stage opened, causing a surge of excitement among the audience. With her trademark sense of humor, Swift quickly interjected, “I’m sorry, but it’s not Lana [del Rey],” sparking laughter and applause from the audience.

  • A Sweet Gesture to a Fan

    Among the most memorable moments of the night, Swift gave her hat to a young girl in the audience during the song “22.” The star approached her and spoke to her for a few seconds, as cheers from the audience filled the stadium. It’s not something she hasn’t done in the past, but still, the gesture was touching and surely unforgettable for the young fan.

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Taylor Swift Thrills by Speaking in Spanish in Madrid: 5 Show Highlights (2024)
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