Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez Stunned By Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, KO'd In The 4th (2023)

Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, right, of Thailand, hits Roman Gonzalez, of Nicaragua, during their WBC... [+] super flyweight championship boxing match Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017, in Carson, Calif. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)


Now, you have to wonder if Chocolatito's career is coming to an end. At the very least, you have to figure his ability to continue earning six-figure paydays has been badly compromised. Two fights ago, Chocolatito was the No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter. Now, he might be an also-ran, thanks to Sor Rungvisai (43-4-1, 39 KOs).

Chocolatito (46-2) immediately went to the hospital and wasn't immediately available to talk about his future. But what's clear is that Sor Rungvisai could have quite a future in prizefighting.

Both of Sor Rungvisai knockdowns. Man oh man.

— Josh Katzowitz (@joshkatzowitz) September 10, 2017

After watching that video, who wouldn't want to watch Sor Rungvisai take on Juan Francisco Estrada or Naoya Inoue? Perhaps in an HBO main event where Sor Rungvisai could make, say, a $300,000 purse?

He's already a star in his native Thailand. Why couldn't he take the route of another big-time Asian fighter in Manny Pacquiao and become well known in the U.S.? The only negative for Sor Rungvisai as he climbs the financial ladder is that he's 30 years old (he'd older than Chocolatito, even!) and that his next fight will be his 50th as a pro. That's not old for a boxer, but it is a rather advanced age for a 115-pound fighter. He'll likely never make the millions of dollars that Pacquiao does, but perhaps it's possible for Sor Rungvisai to reach the financial heights of Chocolatito, who made $600,000 for his performance on Saturday.

Fourth round: Sor Rung is landing nice shots to the body. And in the fourth, Sor Rung lands a huge right to the head and Choco is down. He gets up and he looks a little wobbly. Choco is in deep trouble. He's still throwing, but Sor Rung is still landing hard shots. And again Sor Rung blasts him with a right, and Choco is done. He's down in the middle of the ring, and the ref stops the fight.

"This is a chapter of boxing history," Max Kellerman on Sor Rungvisai's KO of Chocolatito. #SuperFly

— HBOboxing (@HBOboxing) September 10, 2017

Third round: These guys are really going at each other, and it's pretty even. It's good stuff, and if I'm Sor Rung, I'm really pleased with how the fight is going so far. With a minute left, Choco lands about eight straight punches, but a few seconds later, Sor Rung tees off. They're just blasting each other, and Sor Rung is just a little bit better. Forbes scores it for Sor Rung.

Overall: Sor Rung 30-27

Second round: They're exchanging early, and Sor Rung is getting the better of it. Sor Rung looks very confident, and it looks like he feels like he's the star and not Choco. Sor Rung lands a nice punch to the stomach and at the same time, his head bashs Choco in the nose. They fought on even terms for the final minute and Choc lands a nice right with about 15 seconds left. But Sor Rung was better for most of the round. Forbes scores it for Sor Rung.

Overall: Sor Rung 20-18

First round: Programming note: I will be referring to Chocolatito as Choco and Sor Rungvisai as Sor Rung. It's just easier that way for me as I furiously type. Anyway, the ref tells them to watch the headbutts, since cuts caused by head clashes played a big role in the first fight. Sor Run lands a little left a minute in, and it's the first decent punch landed by either fighter. Sor Rung is more aggressive, and they clash heads. No cuts. This time. Choco already looks annoyed about that. Choco didn't do much this round. But at least he didn't get knocked down, like he did in their first fight. Forbes scores it for Sor Rung.

Overall: Sor Rung 10-9

Sor Rungvisai ringwalk: Sor Rung puts his fist in the air and holds his chin high as he walks. He's nodding and smiling. He kneels and prays at the ring steps before rising and climbing up and into the ring. Literally. He climbed over the ring ropes like it was a chainlink fence.

Chocolatito ringwalk: Yep, Choco has to walk first since he's the one who lost to Sor Rung. He's pounding fists with people, but he's not smiling. He looks a little apprehensive, but then again, maybe that's just how his face is looking at the moment.


Naoya Inoue (14-0, 12 KOs) TKO 6 over Antonio Nieves (17-2-2): Making his U.S. debut, Inoue, who's beginning to appear on some pound-for-pound lists, destroyed Nieves and forced his corner to stop the fight after the sixth round. Nieves gave a solid effort, landing some good body shots in the early rounds. In the fifth, Inoue landed a hellacious left hook to the body that obviously hurt Nieves. A few seconds later, Inoue landed another and Nieves took a knee.

Nieves covers up, clearly hurt to the body. Another one downstairs has him taking a knee. He's up at eight but hating life.

— Patrick Connor (@PatrickMConnor) September 10, 2017

One round later (and maybe one round too late), Nieves' corner stopped the fight. It'd obviously be fun to see Inoue take on Chocolatito (if Chocolatito wins), but it'd also be interesting to watch him face Juan Francisco Estrada (or Carlos Cuadras for that matter).

Juan Francisco Estrada (36-2) UD win over Carlos Cuadras (36-2-1): In the battle of former Chocolatito victims, Estrada squeaked out a close unanimous decision. All three judges had it 114-113 for Estrada. Forbes also scored it 114-113 for Estrada. Ring announcer Michael Buffer originally said the winner was somebody named Carlos Estrada, but ultimately, he corrected himself and gave the win to Juan Francisco Estrada. Through the first four rounds, Forbes had it split 38-38. Interestingly, nearly every ringside scorecard I could find had Cuadras sweeping the first one-third of the bout. In the fifth round, Cuadras outboxed Estrada, landing hard combinations, moving around the ring unconventionally and switching stances. But Estrada started to change the momentum in the sixth, and in the seventh, he began beating up Cuadras, appearing to hurt him at least twice.

This is quite a combination from Juan Francisco Estrada.

— Josh Katzowitz (@joshkatzowitz) September 10, 2017

In the ninth, Cuadras outboxed Estrada and landed enough tough shots to wrest back control. In the 10th, Estranda landed a monster right hand to drop Cuadras. Cuadras fought back when he rose, but Estrada peppered him with more devastating punches.

More Juan Francisco Estrada. Knocks down Cuadras in the 10th.

— Josh Katzowitz (@joshkatzowitz) September 10, 2017

Ultimately, that knockdown provided the winning margin for Estrada.


At Bovada, Chocolatito is -400 (meaning you’d have to wager $400 in order to win $100), while Rungvisai is $300 (meaning you’d win $300 if you bet $100).

Inoue, meanwhile, is a huge favorite at -3500 (to win $100, you’d have to bet $3,500). Estrada is holding steady at +1200. The Cuadras-Estrada bout is nearly a pick ‘em, as Estrada enters the bout at -210 and Cuadras is at +170.

Purses: Chocolatito is the one of the best paid lighter-weight fighters in the world, and he’s proving it again by bringing in a $600,000 purse against Rungvisai. It’s a career-high payday for Chocolatito, who made $550,000 in March in his losing effort vs. Rungvisai.

Rungvisai, meanwhile, has increased his purse substantially. In March, he made $75,000 to beat Chocolatito. On Saturday night, he’ll earn $170,000.

Here’s what the undercard fighters will make.

Inoue: $182,500

Nieves: $35,000

Cuadras, who made $250,000 two fights ago against Chocolatito: $62,500

Estrada: $65,000

Ticket sales: For those who want to watch the card in person, it might already be too late to buy tickets. On Saturday morning, here was a ticket alert.

Ticket Alert SuperFly

$30 - Sold Out
$60 - less than 80
$100 - very limited
$150 - Sold Out
$250 - Sold Out

Great Cards = Great Crowds

— Jim Boone (@kotickets) September 9, 2017

On Saturday night, promoter Tom Loeffler told Forbes only a couple hundred seats were available and that he was confident the event at the Stubhub Center would sell out (capacity for boxing events is typically in the 9,000-seat range).

Those who compete in the 115-pound division usually aren't big-name draws. Put five of the best in the world on the same card, though, and this is the reward you can reap.

Early in the third round of the Inoue-Nieves fight, this was announced.

Sold-Out 7,418 Attendance, LIVE @StubHubCenter for #SUPERFLY!!!, Thanks to the Amazing Southern California Boxing Fans!!!

— Bernie Bahrmasel (@BernieBahrmasel) September 10, 2017

While Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez looks for redemption Saturday night after losing to Srisaket Sor Rungvisai six months ago, his opponent wants to capitalize on the possibility of beating the former No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in back-to-back fights.

Srisaket Sor Rungvisai, right, beat Roman 'Chocolatito' Gonzalez last March. (Photo by Al... [+] Bello/Getty Images)

“I am ready to put in my best,” Rungvisai, who most ringside observers believed actually lost to Gonzales in March, recently told the Bangkok Post. “I am leaving in a confident mood and I will make every possible effort to retain the belt.”

The Rungvisai-Gonzalez rematch is only one fight on an HBO card filled with the best super flyweights in the world. Proceeding that will be the telecast-opener with Carlos Cuadras taking on Juan Francisco Estrada, both of whom are ranked in the top-five in the Ring magazine rankings. In the co-feature, Naoya Inoue will make his U.S. debut against Antonio Nieves.

It should be an exciting card filled with action, and Forbes will be here all night, giving our round-by-round thoughts, explanations and unofficial scoring.

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