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TikTok became the most popular social app in 2020, topping 2.6 billion downloads in that year alone. User growth shows no signs of slowing down, either. Research indicates TikTok continued to dominate global download rankings between July and September in 2021.

The fast-growing, short video platform—which allows people to create and share videos with music, filters, and more—has captivated millions of Gen Z’ers; over 60% of users are between the ages of 16 and 24.

TikTok’s highly engaged market has money to spend, making TikTok an attractive opportunity for brands. Here’s how to use TikTok to build brand awareness and convert followers into sales.

Table of contents

  • What is TikTok?
  • How can TikTok benefit retailers?
  • How to create a TikTok sales funnel
  • You’ve set up your TikTok funnel. What’s next?

What is TikTok?

TikTok is a short-form video-focused social networking platform that launched in 2016. It was originally known as Douyin in China but released internationally as TikTok in 2017. ByteDance, the Chinese company that owns TikTok, bought the app in 2017 and merged it with TikTok to create the app we know today.

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The app interface features a home feed TikTok users scroll through to watch full-screen trending videos and videos posted by other users they follow. The Discover tab—found at the bottom of the home screen—is where you can find trending effects, hashtags, and sounds.

You can create and post your TikTok videos using the middle tab on the bottom of the screen. Next to the middle, you’ll find the Inbox tab, where users can send each other messages and share videos. The last option on the bottom is the profile tab, where you can access your profile information and video content.

How can TikTok benefit retailers?

If you’ve already built a social media presence, you’re probably wondering why it’s worth investing in a TikTok marketing strategy. Well, for one, you can use TikTok to make serious money. Check out its top benefits:

Easily enter new markets

TikTok marketing will give you access to a younger target audience. According to research from Statista, Facebook (and Whatsapp) is falling further out of favor with younger generations.

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While Facebook is still fairly popular, this data shows that the younger demographic favors more visually-based social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat compared to their older age groups.

Therefore, if you’re looking to appeal to these audiences, TikTok (and Instagram) are great channels to penetrate that market.

Increase brand and product awareness

Instagram launched in 2011; seven years later, it hit the 1 billion user milestone. Pretty impressive! However, TikTok managed to cross the same milestone in just five years (only four if you start from the international release), reaching 1 billion monthly active users in September 2021.

Its massive growth alone offers great potential for brands to increase brand and product awareness.

Yet, if the sheer number of users isn’t enough to convince you, consider this: TikTok also commissioned research that found that 52% of users said they found new products from ads on TikTok. An estimated 61% of them said they feel ads on TikTok are unique from other top social and video platforms. Finally, it will give you access to an audience that’s largely different from Facebook’s, allowing you to expand your overall reach.

Encourage purchase decisions

Thanks to their seamless inclusion in the platform, TikTok ads help move users down the sales funnel. Feed ads on TikTok are a full-screen, sound-on experience and no different from normal TikTok content. The full-screen experience means users are less likely to be distracted compared to standard Facebook feed ads. Fewer distractions = more conversions.

Brands have already learned that ads on this platform produce stellar results. Using TikTok ads, Blue Specs Glasses managed to pull off a conversion rate of 2.8% and a $7.59 Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

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Ads that are indistinguishable from normal, immersive content were a big factor behind their success. Moreover, research from Kantar found that consumers saw TikTok ads as “the most fun and entertaining.” If users find your ads entertaining, they are more likely to pay attention to them.

How to create a TikTok sales funnel

Creating a sales funnel on TikTok is the best way to take advantage of the benefits outlined above. Now, let’s move on to how to build your entire funnel in TikTok from the top down to the bottom.


In digital marketing speak, “top of the funnel” strategies help build brand and product awareness. While TikTok’s algorithm is already awesome for organic reach, there are a couple of other strategies you can employ to turbocharge your results.

Work with influencers

TikTok is a platform ripe for influencer marketing—such individuals are why the app appeals to many users. The best part? There’s a TikTok space and influencer for virtually everything you can think of.

Influencers can help you promote products in a way that differentiates your brand from your competition. What’s more, when followers of influencers see them promoting your products, they’re more likely to trust you by association. This is something a normal ad can’t help you with.

Take @junktramp, for example.

How to Build a TikTok Sales Funnel (2021 Blueprint) | ManyChat (4)

Their TikTok account almost exclusively features videos of their team doing tricks and stunts with their trampoline. However, they also appear to have a long-term sponsorship with Bang Energy drinks—an obvious choice for their adrenaline-fueled content.

Run ads

TikTok advertising is another cost-effective method for top-of-funnel lead generation. Since TikTok isn’t as well established in terms of marketer trust, it isn’t as oversaturated and competitive for advertisers as other platforms.

However, as with many other platforms, different types of ads appear in the app:

  • TopView Ads: These ads appear at the top of the For You page about three seconds after opening the app.
  • Brand Takeover: A full-page ad that appears as soon as you open the app (after the loading screen). The brand takeover ad can include a clickable link to an external webpage, app store download, or even your TikTok shop (if you’ve been approved).
  • In-feed Ad: Standard ads that users encounter when scrolling through videos in its For You home feed.

Brands can also leverage the ad space in the Discover banner, branded Hashtag challenges, and branded effects in addition to the standard ad placements listed above.

Run contests or giveaways

Running a contest or a giveaway is a more interactive way of boosting brand awareness on the platform. Bear in mind that, as with other social media platforms, you need to follow TikTok’s rules and guidelines to try this strategy.

That being said, contests and giveaways can help you reach a huge audience organically. You won’t need to pay for ads, but you’ll incur the cost of the products you’re giving away.

TikTok influencer @itskristiii regularly creates giveaways and contests on her account, as shown in the example below:

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Kristiii uses the popular “follow me and tag friends” method for her giveaways, which produces a snowball effect for follower growth and brand awareness.


The middle of the sales/marketing funnel is where to start taking advantage of your newfound attention. Interacting with your audience in multiple places is key to draw people closer to your brand and products. Here’s how to do it right:

Interact with your followers

Like it or not, engagement metrics matter. Most, if not all, social media algorithms favor content that generates conversations. The more buzz your post produces, the more people will see it.

So, what is the best way to make sure your posts create conversations? Like and respond to your comments. Take a look at how Beardbrand responds to its followers:

How to Build a TikTok Sales Funnel (2021 Blueprint) | ManyChat (6)

The company often likes and responds to comments on its TikTok videos, showing it cares about its audience’s opinions.

When you respond to comments on your posts, you’re also encouraging the commenter to continue the thread. This behavior nurtures a business-consumer relationship, i.e., they’re more likely to remember and buy from you.

Encourage follows on other platforms

The other major element of any social media marketing strategy (including TikTok) is to cross-promote and encourage your followers to follow you on other platforms.

The other social media platforms you decide to cross-promote largely depend on your target audience. However (and this is a biggie), TikTok allows you to connect your Instagram account or YouTube channel, both of which show up as a dedicated icon next to your follow button on your profile.

How to Build a TikTok Sales Funnel (2021 Blueprint) | ManyChat (7)

Remember the Statista data we saw earlier? Most age groups favored Instagram over YouTube, so it’d be a better choice to connect Instagram to your TikTok account.

When you connect your audience to Instagram, you can take advantage of its established Shop features and use Instagram Automation by ManyChat to scale your lead generation up even further. With the importance social media platforms place on engagement, it’s a no-brainer to leverage Instagram Automation tools that allow you to automate these types of interactions.


The bottom of the funnel is where the magic happens. It’s the part of the customer journey when people have heard of you, they like what you’ve got to offer, and they’re considering buying from you. All they need is that little extra push to encourage a purchase. Use the following tips to help clinch your sales:

Link or promote your Shopify store in your content

TikTok is now testing shopping features in the app and has partnered with Shopify to help make it all happen. If you own an eCommerce business, you’ll want to request access to this feature as soon as possible.

When you get access to a TikTok shop, you’ll be able to create a frictionless journey from your feed content to the checkout page. In the meantime, you should include a link to your Shopify store or landing page in your profile bio.

How to Build a TikTok Sales Funnel (2021 Blueprint) | ManyChat (8)

Simply linking to your store isn’t normally enough to deliver that extra push to get people over the finish line. However, what you can do is integrate Shopify with ManyChat. With this integration, you can leverage a powerful combination of tools from Shopify coupons to abandoned cart reminders and more to generate new sales and recover lost ones.

Send people to Messenger

Another method you can try at this point in the funnel is to skip the store browsing option altogether and use your bio link space for a Messenger Ref URL instead. This feature sends people directly to your Messenger chatbot and might be a better option if you want to create a memorable experience.

How to Build a TikTok Sales Funnel (2021 Blueprint) | ManyChat (9)

For example, you can create a chatbot quiz just like hideAWAY Handmade did (which earned them $100,000 in a month, then create TikTok videos that encourage followers to go to the Messenger Ref URL in your bio to try out the quiz. With the Shopify integration, you can offer coupons at the end of the quiz to encourage purchases.

You’ve set up your TikTok funnel. What’s next?

Thanks to TikTok’s popularity, it’s now easier than ever for small businesses to make money online. But sending people through your TikTok sales funnel is just one part of the process; true growth comes from making this a recurring funnel.

With ManyChat, you can create an omnichannel marketing strategy around your TikTok funnel by building up your contacts list and connecting with them on Instagram, Messenger, email, SMS—wherever they prefer to be.

The more places you can reach your customers, the more opportunities you have to repeatedly sell to them.

Ready to grow your business on TikTok and beyond? Try ManyChat free today.


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How do you make a sales funnel from scratch? ›

How to Create a Sales Funnel
  1. Define the problem you want to solve for your customers.
  2. Define your goals.
  3. Create a preliminary offer to generate leads.
  4. Qualify leads to confirm interest in the product.
  5. Nurture your qualified leads.
  6. Close the deal.
  7. Track the final results and analyze sales data.
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  4. Close the deal. ...
  5. Keep the process going. ...
  6. Optimize your sales funnel.

What is the most important page in a sales funnel? ›

1. Awareness. Sometimes referred to as “attention,” the first stage of the sales funnel is where a brand catches the eye of new audience members via marketing content and/or a valuable baseline offer.

What are the 7 layers of the sales funnel? ›

To help you get started, here is a basic breakdown of a seven-stage sales funnel:
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  • Stage 2: Interest. ...
  • Stage 3: Evaluation. ...
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  • Stage 5: Sale. ...
  • Stage 6: Renewal. ...
  • Stage 7: Repurchase. ...
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What are the 2 most important factors in the funnel? ›

Therefore, the key factors at the top of the funnel are quite obvious – exposure and discovery.

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The 7-step sales process
  • Prospecting.
  • Preparation.
  • Approach.
  • Presentation.
  • Handling objections.
  • Closing.
  • Follow-up.

What are the 4 sales techniques? ›

The four types of selling
  • Transactional selling.
  • Solution selling.
  • Consultative selling.
  • Provocative selling.

What are the 5 sales techniques? ›

Here are five selling techniques every salesperson should master.
  • Active Listening. One of the reasons that prospective clients are so wary of salespeople is because they anticipate a pushy demeanor and pressure to purchase a client. ...
  • Warm Calls. ...
  • Features & Benefits. ...
  • Needs & Solutions. ...
  • Social Selling.
Nov 11, 2016

What are the 4 sales strategies? ›

The four basic sales strategies salespeople use are script-based selling, needs-satisfaction selling, consultative selling, and strategic-partner selling. Different strategies can be used with in different types of relationships.

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3 stages of the marketing funnel
  • Top of the funnel: awareness. The top of the funnel (TOFU) is where prospects become aware of your brand and engage with it for the first time. ...
  • Middle of the funnel: consideration. ...
  • Bottom of the funnel: conversion.
Aug 17, 2022

What are the 3 core funnels? ›

The three core funnels are the Tripwire Funnel, the Webinar Funnel, and the High Ticket Funnel. When used in that order, they create a value ladder. The Tripwire Funnel is the first rung of the value ladder.

What should a sales funnel look like? ›

A sales funnel is directly connected to the customer journey phases, which can be sorted into three parts: top, middle, and bottom. The sales funnel structure shows the process that prospects go through: Untouched > Contact made (Leads) > Qualified > Proposal presented > Negotiation > Won.

Are sales funnels dead? ›

But the funnel as we know it is dead. The core idea behind a funnel is refinement - it separates a large potential audience into chunks of the audience that are listening, interested and finally, the ones that are ready to buy.

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Basic Steps for Making and Using a Sales Funnel Chart
  1. Describe your "lead generation" method. ...
  2. Walk through the steps a customer takes through the sales process. ...
  3. Review the steps in your sales process. ...
  4. Build the sales funnel. ...
  5. Establish measurable metrics for each section of the funnel. ...
  6. Analyze the metrics.

What is sales funnel chart? ›

Funnel charts show values across multiple stages in a process. For example, you could use a funnel chart to show the number of sales prospects at each stage in a sales pipeline. Typically, the values decrease gradually, allowing the bars to resemble a funnel.

What are the 5 A's in sales? ›

Named by Dr. Philip Kotler, the five stages (Awareness, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocacy) allow marketing and sales professionals to create a map of the customer's needs and priorities during the different parts of their purchase process.

What is a sales funnel for dummies? ›

A sales funnel is the process prospects go through to become a customer. Each stage of the funnel takes the buyer one step closer to making a purchase. A well-planned sales funnel will define the actions your business needs to take to push prospects to the next stage.

What is the Six Step selling Process? ›

The personal selling process consists of six stages: (1) prospecting, (2) preapproach, (3) approach, (4) presentation, (5) close, and (6) follow-up (Table 2).

What is a full-funnel strategy? ›

A full-funnel marketing approach begins at the top of the funnel by casting a wide net to capture as many leads as possible. As you move down the funnel, it becomes narrower and the efforts of your marketing become more focused, targeting the most qualified audience with the highest propensity to convert.

What are 3 valid ways to increase output in my sales funnel? ›

7 Ways to Increase the Size of Your Sales Funnel
  • Be Active on Social Media. ...
  • Create E-books and Whitepapers. ...
  • Build a Newsletter. ...
  • Start Blogging. ...
  • Delight Customers. ...
  • Network. ...
  • Focus on SEO.
May 16, 2016

What are funnel questions explain with 3 examples? ›

Funnel questions are good for:
  • Finding out more detail about a specific point: "Tell me more about Option Two."
  • Gaining the interest or increasing the confidence of the person you're speaking with: "Have you used the IT Helpdesk?," "Did it solve your problem?," "What was the attitude of the person who took your call?"

What is an example of a funnel question? ›

Funnel questions are good for: Finding out more detail about a specific point: "Tell me more about Option 2." Gaining the interest or increasing the confidence of the person you're speaking with: "Have you used the IT Helpdesk?", "Did they solve your problem?", "What was the attitude of the person who took your call?"

Do sales funnels really work? ›

So why do businesses need sales funnels? Because they're an incredibly effective way to turn leads into customers. In fact, companies that create an easy buying process are 62% more likely to win a high-quality sale. Moreover, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower cost.

What are top of the funnel keywords? ›

Top of funnel (TOF)

Your TOF keywords and search phrases represent general interests and surface-level online research. TOFs also mark the first phase of the sales cycle and the initial journey that prospects take when searching for products and/or services.

What are the 4 A's in sales? ›

After all, launching a campaign without a plan rarely leads to the desired results. That's why one of the most effective marketing strategies is using the 4 A model: Acceptability, Affordability, Accessibility, and Awareness. The 4 A marketing model was developed by Professor Jagdish Sheth and Dr Rajendra Sisodia.

What are the 10 selling techniques? ›

The 15 best sales techniques for closing your sales
  • Tell a great story. ...
  • Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. ...
  • Magnify their pain. ...
  • Handle top objections immediately. ...
  • Contact a lead immediately. ...
  • Keep contacting them. ...
  • Avoid calling mid-day, but go for mid-week. ...
  • Show your unique value.
May 18, 2022

What are the 3 pillars of sales? ›

A healthy, high performance sales team needs to be built on three pillars — compensation, competition, and camaraderie. These are three simple yet measurable foundations that, when built upon, will inspire your sales team to maintain the highest level of productivity and performance regardless of circumstance.

What are the 4 C's of sales? ›

The 4Cs to replace the 4Ps of the marketing mix: Consumer wants and needs; Cost to satisfy; Convenience to buy and Communication (Lauterborn, 1990).

What are soft sell techniques? ›

A soft sell is an indirect approach to persuading a customer to buy a product or service. A hard sell is a direct approach to asking for the sale. With a soft sell technique, sales reps focus more on relationship building with their prospects to build trust than pushing for the sale.

What is the most effective method of selling? ›

10 Surprisingly Effective Sales Techniques, Backed by Research
  1. Sell to Your Buyer's Situation (Not Their Disposition) ...
  2. Disrupt Your Prospect's Status Quo. ...
  3. Introduce Unconsidered Needs. ...
  4. Tell Customer Stories with Contrast. ...
  5. Avoid the Parity Trap in Sales Conversations. ...
  6. Make Your Customer the Hero.
Apr 1, 2021

What are the 6 C's in sales? ›

Remembering the six Cs of the sales approach -- confidence, credibility, contact, communication, customization, and collaboration -- will help you make a good impression when you contact your prospect for the first time.

What is ABC selling technique? ›

Always Be Closing (ABC) is a motivational phrase used to describe a sales strategy. It implies that a salesperson following the regimen should continuously look for new prospects, pitch products or services to those prospects, and ultimately complete a sale.

What are the 3 most important things in sales? ›

Being successful in sales and learning how to become better at sales boils down to 3 things: empathy, a genuine desire to help, and persistence.

What are the 7 C's of marketing? ›

In contrast to other marketing models, the 7 Cs Compass Model considers both the marketing strategies as well as the segment to which the strategies are being targeted. The seven Cs are Corporation, Commodity, Cost, Communication, Channel, Consumer and Circumstances.

What are 3 practical strategies in Sale? ›

Here are five proven and practical selling techniques.
  • Emphasizing Choice. ...
  • Warm Calls. ...
  • Active Listening. ...
  • Stories with Contrast. ...
  • Using Referrals.
Nov 25, 2016

What are the 4 stages of the sales funnel? ›

What are the sales funnel stages?
  • Stage 1: Awareness. The first of the sales funnel stages is called the “awareness” level, because it's where people first become aware of your product or service. ...
  • Stage 2: Interest. ...
  • Stage 3: Decision. ...
  • Stage 4: Action. ...
  • Build a landing page. ...
  • Offer something of value. ...
  • Start nurturing. ...
  • Upsell.

Does selling funnels actually make money? ›

There are people making millions of dollars per month doing simple, low-competition, high-demand products through sales funnels like this. Of course, this includes having up-sells and other offers to increase your average cart value. But it's an easy way to make money with ClickFunnels.

How much does it cost to build a sales funnel? ›

Funnel Pricing
Feb 16, 2022

What is are the 3 stages of sales funnel? ›

But you can simplify the funnel into a three-stage model: Top of the funnel (TOFU): awareness. Middle of the funnel (MOFU): consideration. Bottom of the funnel (BOFU): conversion.

Is there a free funnel builder? ›

Bitrix24 is a free CRM system with sales funnel builder. Software with an option to build multiple sales funnels does give companies a huge advantage, as a company often has different business directions and different sources of revenue. The business processes required are different as well.

What are the 4 P's of selling? ›

The four Ps are product, price, place, and promotion. They are an example of a “marketing mix,” or the combined tools and methodologies used by marketers to achieve their marketing objectives.

How do I get traffic to my funnel? ›

This post will look at the top ways you can drive traffic to your sales funnel using social media.
  1. Promote a free lead magnet to your social media audience that leads into your sales funnel. ...
  2. Promote your blog posts on social media. ...
  3. Create social media groups. ...
  4. Write attention-getting headlines.

Is sales funnel a high income skill? ›

This is actually the most important high-income skill that you need. Lead generation attracts customers to your business. It's a skill that businesses and entrepreneurs are constantly improving every day. Lead generation depends heavily on ads and sales funnels.

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