Glasses for her: On her wedding day! (2023)

Welcome new bride! We know you’ve travelled a long and weary path so far and are probably worse for wear at this point. But fret not; we’ve compiled the perfect list to help you find the perfect wedding day spectacles. So grab a glass of champagne or some fresh orange juice and sit back, relax and get transported to Narnia...we mean style-mania!

  1. The sweet & demure bride

You’re a girly girl who met her sweet prince at the right time, and for you big day you need to look absolutely gorgeous. Which is why we’ve chosen the Chanel 3233Q as you first option, we would recommend the blue or light Havana colours as they are not likely to clash with your wedding colours.

The second option we’ve picked is from Cutler & Gross! The London brand is known for their high class glamour, and who wouldn’t want those characteristics on their wedding day; especially in front of their prince? We like these 0932 spectacles in tortoise! They have a round lens shape which suits most face shapes and add dimensions and cheekbones to any face – creating desirable contours on your big day!

Our last option for you is the Swarovski SK5050 in black. Why? Because when all else fails wear black, that’s why! They are slick and unassuming and add a nice contrast to any bright colours you decide to incorporate on your big day.

  1. The confident party girl

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So you've decided to settle down and get serious? For your big day you want something that screams, “I’m ready for this marriage thing, let’s give it a go!” Every girl wants to look very sweet and nurturing on their wedding day and for that we recommend Chanel, Chanel and more Chanel. Which is why we love these 3308 glasses in taupe from the Parisian brand, they are stylish and neutral which means you won’t clash with your bouquet.

We also like the Celine CL41348 round spectacles in a dark Havana hue. The round shape of the lenses is good for framing the face and adding a touch of much needed glam to a very important day. We also like how these glasses also tend to make the facial features smaller and much more petite.

Our last option for the confident party girl is from Dolce & Gabbana. We like the DG3218 glasses in black. The cat eye shape is a much desired style for every girl’s big day and never fails to tie together an outfit or a look. So if your wedding dress is more on the avant – garde and over the top side, then you might want to try these. The gold detailing and black frames would look great with any wedding dress making them perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

  1. The darling tomboy

We all have that tomboy slash androgynous side to ourselves and these next 3 options are for people looking to tone it down and remain nice and simple on their big day. We like how these Dior CD3290 glasses are feminine without being too girly and over the top. The rectangle frame has a nice sturdy feel which adds more charisma and charm for your wedding day.

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Our second option for the darling tomboy is from Saint Laurent YSL6364. For spring and summer this brand adds elegance and class to any event. These spectacles are especially good for indoor weddings as they are a neutral colour and won’t make you feel overdressed but aren’t too understated, you will feel right at home.

Our last option is the classic and much appreciated Ray-Ban Clubmaster RB5294! We love how timeless and simple the style is, however they should not be overlooked as they are an amazing pair of frames. If you are looking to dress a bit edgier and go all out on your wedding day, then these glasses offer some versatility in terms of being able to wear whatever you want to wear. We also have them in 5 stunning colours which add to your versatility level, go wild!

  1. The “Bree Van De Kamp” bride

At some point in your life, we hope you’ve watched Desperate Housewives because it was awesome. Girl talk aside, we know how much you’ve been preparing for your big day and want to make sure that you are able to relax knowing at least one thing is covered. For the meticulously prepared bride, we have chosen the following options:

The first is from Dior and it’s the CD3258 in dark Havana gold which is perfect for the spring and summer seasons as you probably already know. We love the gold detailing on the frame arms as well as the rectangle shape of the lenses. They are nice and small without overcrowding your face and acting like a mask.

The second option that we adore for the “Bree Van De Kamp” bride is the Chanel 3268Q frame. We love the classic Chanel chains designs on this petite frame. The size is consistent with the previous frame in that it will allow your makeup and gorgeous face to take centre stage without making it feel like you are wearing too much. What you want most is simplicity and not to notice the weight of the glasses perched on your nose, and if you do notice – you want to see how gorgeous they are.


Our last frame is a little different from the other as it has a larger lens size and is of a square shape. It’s the Tiffany TF2096H in black. What we like most about this frame is how well they would go with a wedding gown. We like the gold, black and Tiffany blue colour combination. We also like how the square frame shape will contour your face and bring out your facial features.

  1. The intellectual sweetheart

Our intellectual sweetheart probably hasn’t had the time to look for the right pair of frames after being super busy. But we have the best options laid out for you, because that’s what we’re here for!

The first pick we have for you is from Burberry. Not many brides choose this brand for their wedding, but those who do never regret it. We love how classically branded the frames are. One can recognise the brand without even having to ask. We like the Burberry BE2112 and how chic it is. The rectangle shaped lens is also something that drew us to the frame as it is small and shows off your facial features including the makeup you wear on your big day.

We’ve decided to go a little bolder with this next one considering you only get married once...we hope. The Prada VPR29R glasses are gorgeous with their Havana line frames and mint coloured frame arms. The colour mint alone is enough to make spring an amazing season for any bride. Look extra special and charming on your special day in a Parisian brand that just always manages to get it right!


The last option we have for the intellectual sweetheart is from Gucci, and it too is a little on the more daring side. The Gucci GG1020 glasses are perfect for a white wedding as they add a noticeable and stylish statement piece to an otherwise over worn wedding colour. The black and gold design is stunning when viewed under natural and artificial lighting meaning that no matter where you shoot your wedding pictures, they will look stunning regardless.

  1. The progressive independent woman

Lastly, we have reached our blushing progressive and independent bride. You’ve finally found a partner who adds to your personality and supports you the way you need to be supported, which is always lovely.

The first option we have is from Bvlgari! We love the stunning BV4104B glasses with gold detailing on the frame arms. They are elegant, stylish and most of all high end. The rectangle frame is great for both large and smaller sized faces and allows all your facial features to come out and shine.

Our second option is from Swarovski and they are the SK5052 glasses which have a unique and on trend lens shape. The cat eye is something that every girl should try on whether for your daily frames or for your holiday sunglasses. This style of frames is known to give a natural face lift as it pulls your features to the centre and makes you look more youthful.

Our last frame is a little on the pricier side but is totally worth it. The Chopard VCH119 glasses with their studded detailing on the frame arms are perfect for a high end and glitzy wedding. If you want an unforgettable day, then these are the frames for you.

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