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Karen Waksman

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Updated on 11/20/19

With the ever-changing pace of business, many print publications, such as directories, are out of date sometimes even before they are printed. For more accurate information, try obtaining the information from an online wholesale website.


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With over 54 categories and 700 suppliers, this guide lists some of the best U.S.-based wholesalersin the industry. Products are generally consumer-oriented, from apparel and fragrances to electronics and toys.


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BAOlink is associated with some of the world’s most outstanding trade shows. Not only does the site present some of the world’s leading wholesalers, but it also facilitates the transaction of business between buyers and suppliers.

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of 10 specifically focuses on giftware, home furnishings, and furniture sold ​wholesale.The site includes Find a Rep and Find a Store to put you in contact with manufacturers in more than 70 product categories.


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Top Ten Wholesale

Top Ten Wholesale is a truly diverse source for wholesale and closeout merchandise product information. Linked to some of the world’s top suppliers, the site requires some time to browse through its many products.


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Closeoutcentral connectssuppliers with buyers and offers a wide range of products, such as apparel, jewelry, and tools and hardware. It offers products resulting from liquidations, closeouts, and extra inventory. If you wish to be added to their directory, fill out theonline formto begin posting your closeouts.


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of 10, Inc. is an upscale directory of more than 2,000top-selling specialty toys across more than 90 categories, from games to crafts to action figures and educational toys.


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Wholesale Directory

While its name doesn’t set it apart, Wholesale Directory has the site to back up its all-encompassing name. With thousands of suppliers and hundreds of thousands of products available, this is a directory you should definitely check out.


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Wholesale Hub

Although perhaps not any more comprehensive than the other sites mentioned on this list, Wholesale Hub’s rather unique feature is the ability to compare suppliers side-by-side as you search for the best deal.


of 10 servesmillions of wholesale buyers and suppliers from over 190 countries and regions worldwide. The site offers millions of items in over 40 major categories from electronics to apparel.


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While focused on the UK, this site also lists American and European suppliers. A novel feature is user ratingsin which buyers rate sellers.

Using Online Directories

These websites provide an easy an efficient way for buyers and suppliers to connect with each other in the wholesale industry. Some companies are solely U.S.-based, while others serve customers globally.

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Get a List of the Top 10 Online Wholesale Sites? ›

Going to trade shows, asking for referrals, and joining professional networks are three examples of conventional ways to connect with suppliers. You can also find a supplier through reverse sourcing. Start by zeroing in on products that are in high demand, then locate suppliers who can provide you with those products.

Who is the best wholesaler to buy from? ›

  • eWorldTrade. Famous For: Millions of wholesalers from all around the world. ...
  • Tundra. Famous for: Free shipping on a range of products. ...
  • Alibaba. Famous for: Range of products and best pricing. ...
  • Etsy. Famous for: Source of handmade items and vintage products. ...
  • eBay. Famous for: Low rates for shipments. ...
  • DHGate. ...
  • Faire. ...
  • Costco.

How to find wholesale merchandise? ›

Going to trade shows, asking for referrals, and joining professional networks are three examples of conventional ways to connect with suppliers. You can also find a supplier through reverse sourcing. Start by zeroing in on products that are in high demand, then locate suppliers who can provide you with those products.

Who are the most well known wholesalers? ›

The biggest wholesale company in America is Sysco, which distributes several products which include tabletop items, kitchen equipment and food products among others. The company has more than 600,000 clients.

Where do wholesalers buy mostly from? ›

They purchase goods from manufacturers in bulk at a discount and sell to retailers. Wholesalers also provide cost savings to retailers when retailers buy in bulk from the wholesaler. The retailer then repackages the bulk items into smaller quantities for sale directly to consumers.

How to buy wholesale without a business? ›

6. How to Buy Wholesale Without a Business
  1. You have the option of purchasing as a reseller without having a Sales ID or EIN.
  2. The second option is to buy as a reseller with a Sales ID or EIN without having your business registered.
  3. The third and final option is to buy in bulk as a consumer, i.e., a third party.
Jan 11, 2022

Can I buy directly from manufacturers? ›

Depending on the business and type of products, most of the manufacturers won't sell products in small quantities. So, it won't be possible for an individual consumer to buy directly from the manufacturer. In that case, you should go to the distributor (who purchases products in bulk) to buy the product you need.

Can you buy directly from a wholesaler? ›

Let's clear something up: you don't actually need a wholesale license to buy from a wholesaler. This is why the end customer can buy from merchant wholesalers. Without the right license, you pay sales tax on goods from a wholesaler.

Can anyone buy wholesale online? ›

Yes, it is legal to buy wholesale and resell.

Make sure you also have an employer identification number or federal tax ID.

Do most wholesalers sell directly to the public? ›

Wholesalers sell products in bulk to retailers, who are selling products to clients. This means that wholesalers don't directly sell to customers. On the other hand, DTC businesses sell their products directly to customers.

What is the largest wholesaler in the US? ›

Costco is a US-based wholesale supplier and multinational corporation. The company is the third largest wholesale supplier in the world and the top in the US.

Which is the largest wholesale market? ›

The Futian District market, or Yiwu Market, is the largest wholesale market in the world, with 5.5 million square meters of space that spans 7 kilometers.

Does Amazon do wholesale? ›

At Amazon we're passionate about supporting all business and organization types with online wholesale buying solutions. That's why we've developed our wholesale supplier offering to help you get the right products in bulk at the right price.

Where can I buy for wholesale? ›

The 6 Best Sites for Buying Bulk Items at Wholesale Prices
  • Alibaba.
  • DHgate.
  • eBay.
  • Costco.
  • Global Sources.
  • Faire.
Jun 15, 2023

Is Faire legit? ›

A concern for many business owners when assessing the viability of wholesale platforms is whether they are legit. Fortunately, in the case of Faire, there should be nothing to worry about. The online wholesaler is used by tens of thousands of brands, and has many positive reviews across various platforms.

What is the most common wholesale type? ›

Merchant wholesalers are the most common type of wholesalers who buy all sorts of different and profitable items from different manufacturers, store them, and sell them to the retailers.

What is the minimum order for wholesale? ›

Minimum Order Quantity refers to the minimum amount that can be ordered from a wholesaler supplier. For example, if you have an MOQ of 100 units or $100, your customers must be able to purchase at least 100 units or spend $100 to be able to buy from you.

Can I start wholesaling with no money? ›

Wholesaling is one of the best strategies available to beginning investors. Wholesaling doesn't require any capital to complete a deal if you know what you are doing and your credit score is completely irrelevant for this investing strategy.

Is Costco a wholesaler? ›

Costco might seem like a wholesaler, but it's actually a retailer since it sells goods directly to customers. Costco is able to use its revenue from membership fees to offset the cost of the goods it procures, leading to lower prices.

How do I find new suppliers? ›

Sometimes, the best way to find new suppliers is to ask for referrals and recommendations from your existing network. You can reach out to your customers, peers, mentors, industry associations, or trade publications, and ask them if they know any reliable and reputable suppliers for your niche.

What are the disadvantages of wholesalers? ›

Since wholesalers are not usually a direct sales channel to consumers, they cannot have complete control over how retailers get products to customers. Whether consumers have a positive or negative view of your product depends largely on the retailer.

Can you buy from manufacturer and sell on Amazon? ›

Yup, that's right! To open a wholesale account, you'll contact the brand owners directly. If you're approved, you will be able to place an order and start selling as soon as possible—some brands may even ship to Amazon for you!

How do I get into wholesale distribution? ›

6 steps to starting a wholesale business
  1. Decide what you want to sell.
  2. Choose a business name and entity.
  3. Write a business plan.
  4. Get a wholesale license and other permits.
  5. Apply for an employer identification number.
  6. Figure out logistics.
  7. Expand your product lines and service.
  8. Increase your marketing efforts.
Oct 22, 2020

How to start a business with buying wholesale? ›

How to Buy Wholesale for Resale: Everything You Need to Know in...
  1. Form a Company.
  2. Get a Business License.
  3. Get an EIN Number.
  4. Secure a Tax ID.
  5. Obtain a Reseller's License.
  6. Get Insurance.
  7. Check If You Need a Licensing Agreement.
Feb 14, 2022

Why do wholesalers not sell to public? ›

Wholesalers only make a small percentage markup per item, but sell a lot of items. Retailers on the other hand sell at a higher markup, but sell less items. Therefore, wholesalers won't make enough money if they sell to the public.

How much do Amazon wholesalers make? ›

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Wholesale Goods on Amazon? It all depends on the products you choose to sell and how well you market them. Generally speaking, you can expect to earn anywhere from 10% to 50% profit on each sale. Therefore, if you sell a product for $10, your profits may fall between $1 and $5.

What is Amazon wholesale? ›

What is Amazon Wholesale? Using the Wholesale model on Amazon means buying products in bulk directly from a manufacturer or distributor, then reselling those products to customers for a profit.

Does Etsy allow wholesale? ›

To become a part of the Etsy Wholesale marketplace, you must apply and be approved by our jury, which pays special attention to key elements like branding, pricing, policies and communications, among other criteria.

Who sells products directly to the end customer? ›

A trader who sells goods in small quantities to the buyers is known as a retailer. Traders purchase the goods from the wholesaler and then sell the final goods to the consumers. Example of retailers is neighbourhood shops, shops in malls, hawkers, vendors etc.

Who sells goods directly to the public? ›

A retailer sells products and services directly to the public in person, online, or through a combination of both. Retailers purchase goods from manufacturers and wholesalers and resell them to customers for a profit.

Do wholesalers make profit? ›

Wholesalers operate as middlemen between product manufacturers and retailers or other businesses. They make a profit by buying products in bulk at a discount and reselling them in smaller quantities at a higher price to individual retailers.

Which state is best for wholesale in USA? ›

For the highest returns on your investments, here are the 18 best states to wholesale real estate in 2023:
  • Maryland.
  • Michigan.
  • Missouri.
  • Virginia.
  • Arizona.
  • Indiana.
  • Colorado.
  • Oklahoma.
Jun 21, 2023

Can anyone buy off Alibaba? ›

Can Anybody Order from Alibaba? Yes, anyone can order from Alibaba. Alibaba is the largest supplier directory where a single person can order directly from a manufacturer. But remember that Alibaba doesn't make anything, they feature manufacturers who will work with both individuals and companies.

What is the second largest wholesale market in the world? ›

It is the second largest wholesale food market in the world after Central de Abasto, located in Mexico city, with 327 hectares (810 acres).

Where is the world's largest wholesale market for small commodities? ›

Yiwu, the world's largest market for small commodities, has seen countless entrepreneurs from everywhere seize their opportunities and realize their dreams in this affluent hub of business. The city has become an inseparable part of these entrepreneurs' stories.

How many wholesalers are there in the US? ›

There are 686,179 Wholesale Trade businesses in the US as of 2023, a decline of -0.2% from 2022.

Is Amazon a retailer or wholesaler? ›

Amazon is the biggest online retailer in the world. It provides a huge customer base and a market for potential buyers. It is also well-designed and set up for wholesalers to list and sell their products.

Where can I buy Amazon return pallets? ›

Where Can I Buy Amazon Return Pallets?
  • 1 Direct Liquidation is an online marketplace that allows resellers to purchase liquidated or overstock merchandise. ...
  • 2 ...
  • 3 ...
  • 4 ...
  • 5 ...
  • 6 Liquidation warehouse.
Jun 19, 2023

Does Amazon have a liquidation site? ›

Amazon Bulk Liquidations Store sells lots of Amazon or third-party seller items. A lot is defined as a group of items offered for sale as a single listing. Lots are composed of either overstock (new and unopened) or damaged items (returned by customer or damaged during processing).

How much can I earn from Amazon FBA? ›

About 52% of sellers reported profit margins between 16-50%, which means you can gain a profit of ~$2000-6000 annually. If you maintain a healthy 30% profit margin for your Amazon FBA business, and aim for minimum $1000 monthly sales, you can make $3600 per year without breaking a sweat.

Who are the top 3 wholesalers? ›

Top Wholesale Suppliers in The USA (2023)
Sr. No.Wholesale SuppliersRatings
6 more rows

What is best to buy in bulk and sell? ›

7 Wholesale Price Items to Buy In Bulk and Sell Individually
  1. Jewelry. Jewelry is a diverse and lucrative consumer market making it a great choice to buy in bulk. ...
  2. Phone Accessories. What is this? ...
  3. Plants. ...
  4. Candles. ...
  5. Gaming Cards. ...
  6. Pet Supplies. ...
  7. Fitness Gear.
Jan 26, 2023

What is the US equivalent of Alibaba? ›

eBay. Besides Amazon, eBay is probably the most well-known website like Alibaba in America (or worldwide, for that matter). It started out as an auction-only website for person-to-person item sales, and is still mostly known for this.

How to sell wholesale as a small business? ›

How to start a wholesale business online
  1. Decide what wholesale items to sell.
  2. Set a wholesale pricing strategy.
  3. Create a B2B ecommerce site.
  4. Accept payments for wholesale orders.
  5. Sell your wholesale products.
May 28, 2023

Can a normal person buy from a wholesaler? ›

Let's clear something up: you don't actually need a wholesale license to buy from a wholesaler. This is why the end customer can buy from merchant wholesalers. Without the right license, you pay sales tax on goods from a wholesaler.

How much cheaper is a wholesaler? ›

The average retail price increase from a wholesale product is 30-50%, or at least 1.66 multiplied by the wholesale item's cost. The reason for this minimum is that it tends to cover expenses, generate profit, and also draw customers in.

Is it cheaper to buy wholesale? ›

Buying in bulk saves money per unit, but consumers must be wary of the utility of the extra goods. Although the per-unit price may be low, the overall purchase price is higher than the price of just buying what you need for the week or month.

Can you buy wholesale and not resell? ›

To put it another way, if you buy wholesale without a license and resell the products individually, you'll be breaking the law in the US. It's worth noting that wholesale licenses are often referred to as a reseller's license, a reseller's permit, a reseller's certificate, or a sales tax permit.

What is minimum buy from wholesale? ›

Minimum order quantity, or MOQ, is the lowest number of products a buyer can purchase from a wholesaler at one time. Sometimes this is also referred to as case size. When you see a minimum case size on a product page, that means you must buy multiples of that number in order to purchase from that wholesaler.

What is the usual wholesale price? ›

Typically, the wholesale price is the discounted price offered to buyers who purchase in bulk. This lets businesses acquire goods at a lower cost per unit, which in turn allows them to make a profit when they sell those products at higher retail prices to end consumers.

How much profit should I make on wholesale? ›

Set your wholesale price

This will ensure your wholesale profit margin is at least 50%. Profit margin is the gross profit a retailer earns when an item is sold. Apparel retail brands typically aim for a 30% to 50% wholesale profit margin, while direct-to-consumer retailers aim for a profit margin of 55% to 65%.

How much profit should you make on a product? ›

But in general, a healthy profit margin for a small business tends to range anywhere between 7% to 10%. Keep in mind, though, that certain businesses may see lower margins, such as retail or food-related companies.

Is it better to buy in bulk on Amazon? ›

“The main benefit is they will give you a 5% discount when you subscribe to receive up to four items.” Typical Amazon customers probably know about the 5% discount already, but bulk buying is where the savings really kick in. “When you get five or more items on subscription, the discount goes up to 15%,” Moyer said.

How much do you mark up wholesale products? ›

The average wholesale or distributor markup is 20%, although some go up as high as 40%. Now, it certainly varies by industry for retailers: most automobiles are only marked up 5-10% while it's not uncommon for clothing items to be marked up 100%.


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