Fat Freddy's Drop by Kurilpa Reach (2024)


Friday, 28 June


Doors from 8pm

Fat Freddy's Drop by Kurilpa Reach (9)


Friday, 28 June

Doors from 8pm


Felons Barrel Hall


Live Music Free

“You know it feels so good, When I know you're skan*in' with me”

Brisbane's very own Roots-Fusion outfit Kurilpa Reach will be hitting the road this winter, celebrating New Zealand’s musical legends, Fat Freddy's Drop. Known for their unique blend of dub, reggae, soul, jazz, rhythm, and blues with hits like "Ernie," "Blackbird," "Roady," and "Wandering Eye." Catch Kurilpa Reach on this very special limited tour at Felons Barrel Hall for a free show on Friday 28th June.

With Special Guest - Duke (DJ Set)

Free entry. Doors from 8pm. Hall yeah!

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Fat Freddy's Drop by Kurilpa Reach (2024)
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