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  • 5Dennis L. 10 months ago

    The schedule for buses is very convenient for college students who travel from Janesville to Madison on a daily basis. Thank you !

  • 5Terrance T. 2 years ago

    We started using this company for all our travels 4 years ago. We have seen a lot of places and always had a great time. We let their experienced drivers and tour guides take care of us. There is no reason to try and drive on your own. Let Van Galder handle all your travel needs. You won't be disappointed.

  • 5Connie J. 2 years ago

    The driver of the bus went above and beyond to help me. I am thrilled to use this company. Everyone was so helpful at my time in need.

  • 4L. G. 3 years ago

    Ample parking at 12:30 am (just after midnight) in the Dutch Mill Park & Ride, Madison lot to the east of Arbys.I was there to catch the Van Galder bus from Madison to Chicago Midway for a flight. No where on the Van Galder site did I see the specific bus stop for their bus mapped out. Unfortunately I was at the bus stop to the east of Arbys and missed the bus. Calling dispatch led me to a chase down to Beloit where I caught the bus. Luckily I also had some extra time before my flight but I am disappointed that Van Galder's website is not clearer about which bus stop to be at when you get to the park and ride lot. Please note in the photos I included that the Van Galder bus stops right by Arby's. I realized I was at the wrong bus stop, drove to the correct one as people were boarding and ready to exit my car and the bus drove away!! Be early and waiting at the correct stop as they will NOT wait for you.The bus itself was clean. On my return trip from Midway to Beloit (remember I missed the bus in Madison?) there were only 3 of us on the bus. The bus stop in Midway is just out the blue doors on lower level where you get your baggage. You have to walk through the parking garage to get to the sidewalk (short walk) where the bus picks you up. I was advised by an airport courtesy clerk to be at the bus stop early as the bus departs ON TIME.Both ways my drivers were quiet. Wifi is terrible in the bus even though "enabled" for it.Overall the convenience & cost to get to Chicago Midway make it a good choice rather than personally driving down there to catch a flight.

  • 4Ann D. 3 months ago

    Our first tour with Coach USA/Van Galder was good. Enjoyed the 2 days but the third day should have been better planned! Didn't really have enough time in Galena! Our director Pat was very good. She's friendly and if you had a question she would answer it. I would go on another trip with her as the director. Loved the pocket itinerary! Although found the driver not so friendly! He never said a word to us! Been on a lot of bus trips with other companies and the drivers have always been very friendly! This one not so much!

  • 4Doris G. 3 months ago

    Our first tour with Coach USA/Van Galder was good...enjoyed the 2 days but felt the third day should have been better planned! Didn't really leave enough time in Galena nor in the morning! Our director, Pat was very good/loved the pocket itinerary! Although found the driver not very personable/never said a word to us! Been on many bus trips with other companies and the drivers have always been very friendly! This one not so much!

  • 3Janell I. 6 months ago

    What's the reason for switching driver's 3 times on what's supposed to be a 3 hour, 15 minute drive?? It took at least 10 minutes + for each of them to settle in.

  • 1John S. 2 years ago

    The service at VanGalder gets worse every year. I recently had a bad experience with one of their drivers and I reported it to the corporate office. Karen Fry investigated the incident and confirmed everything I said. She then said they didn’t feel the driver did anything wrong and that my actions were disturbing. She could have taken a terrible experience and made it better, but she made it even worse. I have been riding these buses regularly since 1994. The buses are frequently late. They are frequently overcrowded. The bus drivers are rude and shout at the passengers asking where you are going as they throw your bags into the baggage hold. It’s not enjoyable to ride these buses anymore.

  • 1Tyler A. L. 2 years ago

    Wow, is this business ever failing to adapt to COVID. Agressive (underpaid?) drivers; surprise transfers between busses; no sanitization (dirty interior!); completely jam packed with non-mask wearing passengers; literally nobody answering your phones; and no signage or information about where to go at Chicago Union Station. And you have the gall to email me a survey to ask about your WEBSITE? Bandaid on a bullet hole, my friends. Your core operations need serious help. Looking for consultants? HIRE ME!

  • 1Fumin Y. 3 years ago

    Used to take this bus between Madison and Chicago, the bus itself was fine, but had terrible experience with one of the drivers. I called the corporate office to file a complain, operator connected me to the owner, but he basically yelled at me on the phone. Never again.

  • 1Scott J. 3 months ago

    Unreliable to downtown Chicago now. The route now spends almost an hour at O'Hare now so if you're trying to make a connection at Union station forget it. Expensive for trip that's always 45-60 minutes late for me.

  • 1Donna D. 2 months ago

    On the Van Galder bus at O'Hare on my way to Janesville. Bus driver yelling at passenger

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