Chocolatito vs. Sor Rungvisai 2 results: Sor Rungvisai knocks out Chocolatito in shocking fight (2023)

We have Chocolatitovs. Sor Runvisai results, and it's not what you'd expect.

It's something of acomplete shock, as SrisaketSor Rungvisaiended the legend of Chocolatitowith a stiff right hook in Round 4.

Chocolatito looked completely lost in this fight unlike his first — which some considered a robbery — which went to the scorecards.

This one wouldn't get that far, with the fight ending in Round 4 courtesy of a Sor Rungvisairight hand.

What's next for Chocolatito? Who knows?

But if I had to fathom a guess, we saw Chocolatitomelted tonight.

The penultimate stop before the true fight of the year next Saturday —Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin— was completely entertaining, shocking and all that in between.

Here's how it shook out.

All times Eastern.

(Video) Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs Roman Gonzalez 2 FULL FIGHT

Chocolatito vs. Sor Rungvisai 2 results

Srisaket Sor Rungvisaidefeats Chocolatitovia KO

12:20 a.m. End of Fight: Oh my goodness. Sor RungvisaisentChocolatitoto the canvas once. Then he did it again with a stiff right hook, and for good.

"This is a chapter of boxing history," Max Kellerman on Sor Rungvisai's KO of Chocolatito. #SuperFly

— HBOboxing (@HBOboxing) September 10, 2017

12:18a.m. End Round 3 (10-9, 2-1 Sor Rungvisai): Man, Chocolatitodoesn't look great in this fight. Sor Rungvisaiis throwing lots of heavy shots.

12:14 a.m. End Round 2 (10-9, 1-1 all): Chocolatitobusier in this round, a little more aggressive than Round 1. He landed some good combos. Sor Rungvisaiseems to be matching Chocolatitopunch for punch. Chocolatitowas landing a few more flush shots.

12:10 a.m. End Round 1 (10-9, 1-0 Sor Rungvisai): Lots of feeling out, Chocolatitolooking for the range on his jab and trying to find angles for his punches. Sor Rungvisai was busier.

12:06 a.m.: And we're off.

11:57 p.m.: Oh man, this one is going to be good.

11:53p.m.: Inoue's nickname is "Monster" and with good reason. That was just complete domination over Nieves — and he's only 24. He's only going to get better. Flyweights need to be on the lookout.

NaoyaInoue defeats Antonio Nieves via KO

11:51 p.m.End Round 6 (10-9, 6-0 Inoue): This is just pure punishment. This fight has to be stopped. And it is.

(Video) FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Jesse "Bam" Rodriguez vs. Srisaket Sor Rungvisai

11:47 p.m. End Round 5 (10-8, 5-0 Inoue): Inoue sent Nieves to the canvas with a left hook to the body. You can hear the thud. Just pure power here. Surprised this fight isn't over yet. It's heading there, though.

11:43p.m. End Round 4 (10-9, 4-0 Inoue): It's total domination right now. Inoue is a problem. He's strong, he's got fast hands, he works the body. Nieves doesn't stand much of a chance here.

11:38 p.m. End Round 3 (10-9, 3-0 Inoue): Inoue is a very technically sound fighter. Nieves was attempting to fightback a bit more, but the jab is the separator right now. 3-0 Inoue.

11:34 p.m. End Round 2 (10-9, 2-0 Inoue): Inoue has really fast hands, and he's timing up some shots on Nieves. Nieves is covering up a lot, Inoue in control.

11:31 p.m. End Round 1 (10-9, 1-0 Inoue): Inoue is fast, man. He was peppering Nieves with some jabs that have some real sting on them. A lot of his punches were catches Nieves' gloves. Inoue was busier and was keeping pressure on Nieves.

11:22 p.m.: Getting set for our next bout. Inoue came in five pounds heavier than Nieves. So that's something.

11:16 p.m.: WOW! What a crazy end! 114-113 in favor of Juan Francisco Estrada, but the drama here: Michael Buffer announced that Cuadraswon originally. Some Steve Harvey/Warren Beatty stuff happening here.

Juan Francisco Estrada defeats Carlos Cuadrasunanimous decision

11:10 p.m. End Round 12 (10-9, 6-6 all): Man, this fight was absolutely so close. But on points, the knockdown that Estrada scored on Cuadrasis the difference in the fight: 114-113. We'll see how the judges score it.

11:08p.m. End Round 11 (10-9, 6-5 Estrada): Estrada landed a big left hook in this round, both guys traded punches near the end of the round. This has been an excellent fight. Very evenly matched.

(Video) Sor Rungvisai vs Roman Gonzalez 1 Full Highlights

11:04p.m. End Round 10 (10-8, 5-5 all): Estrada scored a knockdown on Cuadraswith a straight right hand. Cuadrastried to avenge the knockdown and came up throwing, but didn't pan out. Estrada won the round, especially on the strength of that knockdown.

10:58p.m. End Round 9 (10-9, 5-4 Cuadras): Cuadrasrighted the ship in this round. He was moving backwards a decent amount, but Cuadrasfought well moving back.

10:54 p.m. End Round 8 (10-9, 4-4 all): Estrada held off a few Cuadrascombos, but took some shots to the body. Still, when Estrada throws, he's landing clean, mostly up top. Cuadras holding off, but Estrada coming on strong now.

10:51 p.m. End Round 7 (10-9, 4-3 Cuadras): Estrada starting to take control of the fight here. Cuadras is visibly tired and Estrada is taking control. He's throwing his punches with more steam now, too.

10:48 p.m. End Round 6 (10-9, 4-2 Cuadras): Looks like Cuadras is tiring a bit, but this round goes to Estrada. He's starting to land punches with some juice on them, which wasn't the case earlier in the fight. Estrada coming alive now.

10:44p.m. End Round 5 (10-9, 4-1 Cuadras): Estrada is waking up now, Cuadras was throwing a lot of combos, but not many landing cleanly. Estrada landed some good blows, including a good left uppercut on Cuadraswith about two minutes left in the round.

10:40p.m. End Round 4 (10-9, 4-0 Cuadras): Cuadras still outworking Estrada, but Estrada is starting to come out a bit. Looked like Cuadrashit a pretty flush left hook midway through the round. Get the feel that this one is starting to turn the corner.

10:36p.m. End Round 3 (10-9, 3-0 Cuadras): Cuadraswas switching up between southpaw and orthodox stances through the round, confusing Estrada a bit. Estrada starting to throw back, but Cuadras is still busier and landing a bit more. Estrada on his heels moving back a bit.

10:31 p.m. End Round 2 (10-9, 2-0 Cuadras): Cuadrasoutworked Estrada in this round, and landed a good combo up top near the end of the round. Estrada not panicking yet.

(Video) FULL FIGHT | Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs. Juan Francisco Estrada 2 (DAZN REWIND)

10:28p.m. End Round 1 (10-9, 1-0 Cuadras): Some good back and forth here between both guys, but Cuadras landed some good bodywork near the end of the round that secured the round for him.

10:18 p.m.: First bout of the night is what some consider to be the actual best fight on tonight's card. I'll be here providing round-by-round scoring and updates! Be sure to follow along.

10:15 p.m.: Ladies and gentlemen…let's get ready to rumble. (I don't get paid millions to say that, unfortunately.)

10:05 p.m.: Go ahead, go watch your college football games tonight, just make sure to keep it here, I'll have your round-by-round updates for the "SuperFly" card tonight.

10:00 p.m.: Hi! We are just 15 minutes away from one of the best cards of the year. Hope you have some coffee or energy drinks, it's going to be a late night of boxing.

9:35 p.m.: Now that the undercard results are in, you can check those all out below! Unanimous decisions seem to be the trend on tonight's card.

8:30 p.m.: Hi, how are you? Well, I hope. Anyway, we're just under two hours from fight time, so here's a little primer. Also, you can check the non-televised undercard results below. See you soon.

Tonight: Boxing After Dark returns with a #SuperFly tripleheader featuring the rematch of Sor Rungvisai vs @chocolatito87 at 10:15 on @HBO .

— HBOboxing (@HBOboxing) September 9, 2017

6:00p.m.: Hello and welcome to SN's coverage of "Chocolatito" vs. Sor Rungvisai2. I'm Joe Rivera, and I'll be your party host for tonight's "Superfly" shindig, once the opening bell rings.

(Video) Max Kellerman Reacts To Roman Gonzalez KO Defeat: "He Looked Like A Shot Fighter"

Be sure to check back closer to fight time for updates.

In the meantime, you can follow SN's combat sports folks on Twitter:

  • Myself, @JoeRiveraSN;
  • SN's MMA/boxing contributor Steven Muehlhausen, @SMuehlhausenMMA;
  • SN MMA guy E. Spencer Kyte, @spencerkyte;
  • Wrestling contributors Scott Keith, @rspwfaq;
  • Brian Fritz, @BrianFritz;
  • and Connor Casey, @ConnorCasey_MNJ.

Chocolatito vs. Sor Rungvisai 2 undercard results

  • George Acosta defeats Derick Bartelmay (unanimous decision)
  • Nick Frese defeats Nam Phan (unanimous decision)
  • Seniesa Estrada defeats Anahi Torres (unanimous decision)
  • Ruslan Madiev defeats Abdiel Ramirez (unanimous decision)

Chocolatito vs.Sor Rungvisai2 fight card

  • SrisaketSorRungvisaivs. Roman Gonzalez for Sor Rungvisai'sWBC super flyweight title
  • Naoya Inoue vs. Antonio Nieves for Inoue's WBO super flyweight title
  • Carlos Cuadras vs. Juan Francisco Estrada; super flyweights


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