Cheapest Shuttles to LAX from $8 (2022 Updated) (2023)

Los Angeles Airport Shuttle Companies

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the main international airport serving Los Angeles and the surrounding area. LAX is located about 18 miles away from downtown Los Angeles. It's one of the busiest airports in the world! If you’re driving to LAX, type the following airport address into any phone mapping app for directions:

Los Angeles International Airport(LAX)

1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA

If you're looking for parking in a major city like Los Angeles (including Monthly parking or how to fight parking tickets) or parking for any major Stadium Venue or local Beach - offers great tips and advice on how to save money and find the best parking spot. Check out the following links below.

If you want to book a secure Los Angeles Airport parking spot, check out the LAX Parking Guide. Park 'N Fly One @ LAX on Instpark is also a reliable choice.

Pickup Location / Where to meet your driver at Los Angeles Airport?

Shared-ride shuttle to LAX: SuperShuttle

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Super Shuttle drivers pick up LAX passengers on the Lower (Arrivals) Level. To get there, follow the orange SHARED RIDE VANS signs. Exit the terminal and turn left along the inner curb at one of the following pillars:

  • Terminal 1: Pillar 1C
  • Terminal 2: Pillar 2L
  • Terminal 3: Pillar 3C
  • Terminal 4: Pillar 4D
  • Terminal 5: Pillar 5D
  • Terminal 6: Pillar 6F
  • Terminal 7: Pillar 7E
  • International Terminal: Pillar B9


There's a free shuttle service to LAX City Bus Center - look for the LAX Shuttle & Airline Connections sign on the Lower (Arrivals) Level islands in front of every terminal to find the shuttle bus stop.

Rideshare: Uber, Lyft, Opoli

All authorized TNCs drop off and pick up passengers on the Airport Upper/Departures Level - look for the "Ride Service Pick-Up" signs.

Ground Transportation

We can help you find a reliable LAX Airport transportation service. There are various options available at LAX, including Los Angeles Airport Shuttle, Ridesharing, Taxi & Limo Service, Public Transport, and LAX Car Rental. This guide will help you find the best transfer.

Los Angeles Airport Shuttle

Need an affordable shuttle transfer to safely get you from LAX airport to Disneyland, your hotel, or any other destination? Searching for safe transportation during a busy travel day can be stressful - make a reservation now and have a worry-free journey! We’ve listed the best airport shuttle services to LAX and from the airport.

The LAX FlyAway service is provided by Los Angeles Airport. These buses provide scheduled transportation between LAX and Hollywood, Long Beach, Union Station, and Van Nuys. However, due to COVID-19, transfers to Hollywood and Long Beach have been suspended. Check out the prices of the cheapest airport transfer in Southern California:

Long Beach$9.00
Union Station$9.75
Van Nuys$9.75

The cheapest way to Bakersfield is with Greyhound, but you'll have to get a transfer to the bus station

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Pickup location: at the arrival/lower level’s outer curb, under the green "Flyaway, buses & long distance vans" sign at each terminal.

Super Shuttle LAX is a reliable transportation company that offers its services to LAX passengers and other airports in the Los Angeles area. To give you a glimpse of their prices, we’ve listed their rates from LAX Airport to Disneyland, downtown LA, and more:

Downtown Los Angeles$19
Union Station$19
Universal Studios Hollywood$24
Santa Monica Pier$24
Long Beach Port$33

Pickup location: on the Lower (Arrivals) Level at the Orange Zone.

Note: Super Shuttle Express now cooperates with Karmel Shuttle.

Karmel Shuttle is another ground transportation company serving Los Angeles Int’l. They can take you to Orange County (John Wayne Airport), Long Beach, and many other locations and hotels. You can choose between shared and private transfers. Find out their rates in the following list:

Long Beach Cruise Terminal$14.50
Santa Monica Pier$26.65
Downtown Los Angeles$35.20
Huntington Park$42.80

Pickup location: Once you have your luggage, call 714-670-3480, option 2 for dispatch. You will be told where to meet your driver.

Prime Time Shuttle LAX offers dependable airport shuttles to and from several California airports, including Los Angeles International. This LAX shuttle is a great choice due to its affordability and punctuality. To discover their rates, take a look at our list below.

Santa Monica Pier$16.75
Downtown Los Angeles$24.88
Dodger Stadium$27.25
Long Beach Port$30.75
Universal Studios$35.13

Pickup location: Exit the Baggage Claim Area and go to the White Curb. If you haven't received a phone call from a Prime Time Shuttle representative at this time, get in touch with their Dispatch Department at 1-800-733-8267 and select option 3.

Xpress Shuttlescan also pick you up at LAX and take you anywhere in the area, including airports, theme parks, hotels, etc. This Los Angeles Airport shuttle provider offers luxury cars and point-to-point private van services. To discover their rates, see our list below.

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Santa Monica Pier$57
Los Angeles Convention Center$61
Dodger Stadium$63
Universal Studios Hollywood$68
Long Beach Airport$65

Pickup location: You will receive detailed instructions on where to meet your shuttle driver after making a reservation. If you have any questions, call Xpress Shuttle at 866-805-4234.

Shuttle One is a transportation company that serves Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernandino, Ventura, and River Side Counties. They offer direct rides from LAX to Disneyland, Universal Studios, San Pedro Harbor, Long Beach Cruise Line, and all LA hotels.

  • Disneyland Express shuttle rates start at $14 per person
  • Downtown Express rates start at $9 per person

Book this affordable Los Angeles Airport shuttle transportation now by calling 310-670-6666 or 800-400-7488.

Ventura Airporter Shuttle offers 10 daily departures from LAX Airport, and you can check out the schedule for more info. If you travel with a group of people, you should know that they offer multiple passenger discounts.

  • The one-way rate for an adult is $42
  • The one-way rate for a child under 12 is $25

Have a question? Call Airporter Shuttle at 805-650-6600 or send an e-mail at [emailprotected].

Central Coast Shuttle operates from LAX to Ventura, Santa Barbara, Buellton, and Santa Maria on a daily basis. This Los Angeles Airport shuttle has scheduled rides that are very affordable. To discover their rates, see below.

  • Santa Barbara Airport to LAX: $55
  • Santa Maria Public Airport to LAX: $75

Pickup location: Look for the green "Fly Away Buses and Long Distance Vans" sign located in the center island on the ground floor level. The bus stop has the Central Coast Shuttle name listed. If you have more questions, call 805 928-1977 or 800 470-8818.

Many hotels in the area provide courtesy transportation from LAX terminals. Check if your hotel has free shuttle buses to and from LAX, and go to the shuttle stop located on the Lower (Arrivals) Level islands. You will see the red Hotel Shuttles sign in front of each terminal.

App-based transportation companies are very popular due to their affordable prices. If you want to use this airport transfer, there are several available services at LAX Airport, such as Uber, Lyft, and Opoli. We’ve picked a few popular destinations and found out the lowest estimates. Discover them below and compare them with Los Angeles Airport shuttle operators.

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Uber LAX

  • to downtown Los Angeles: $27.48
  • to Union Station: $27.71
  • to Disneyland: $45.05

Lyft LAX

  • to downtown Los Angeles: $28-32
  • to Union Station: $30-35
  • to Disneyland: $50-55

Learn all about TNC pick-ups, drop-offs, and fares in our guide to Lyft at LAX!

LAX Taxi

If you’re looking for a faster airport transfer or want to find a company that offers luxury vehicles for some special occasions, that won’t be an issue at LAX. Taxi cabs are placed at three locations:

  1. LAX-it next to Terminal 1
  2. Parking Structure 3
  3. At the far end of Terminal 7

When choosing a taxi vehicle, note that all authorized taxis have to own an official seal issued by the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation. Listed below are all taxi companies serving the airport:

  • Authorized Taxicab Supervision (ATS)
  • Bell Cab Company
  • Beverly Hills Cab Company
  • City Cab
  • Independent Taxi
  • LA Checker Cab
  • United Checker Cab
  • United Independent Taxi Drivers (UITD)
  • United Taxi of San Fernando Valley (UTSFV)
  • Yellow Cab

We discovered estimated LAX taxi rates and listed them below. Prices are subject to change, so you should ask your driver for information before starting a ride.

  • LAX to downtown LA: $63
  • LAX to Union Station: $65
  • LAX to Disneyland Resort: $100

LAX Limo Service

Searching for a company that offers luxury vehicles for a special occasion or business event? Rest easy—numerous car and limousine providers offer their services to LAX Airport passengers. If you want a convenient ride in a spacious limo, reach out to one of the companies below.

Car & Limo CompanyPhone Number
Stay Classy Airport LAX Car Service310-620-6377
LAX Limousine Service310-994-7798
ReLAX Airport Transportation by OGUN424-653-6454
Airport ASAP Limousine Service310-880-3782
Lax Town Car Service310-490-2585
LAX Car Service - MGCLS855-255-2557
Empire Limousines310-684-3914
Flat Rate Car Service323-364-9994

Public Transportation

Reduce your expenses by using public buses. There's a free shuttle service to LAX City Bus Center - look for the LAX Shuttle & Airline Connections sign on the Lower (Arrivals) Level islands in front of every terminal to find the shuttle bus stop. When you get there, you can pick up one of the following buses:

LAX Car Rental

Rental Car Center at LAX is located off-airport, away from terminals, but all companies offer complimentary shuttle service to and from the terminals. Follow the purple Rental Car Shuttles sign on the Lower (Arrivals) Level islands outside baggage claim.

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Listed below are all rental agencies, contact them for more information.

See the Los Angeles Airport map below to easily find the stops for all airport shuttles and other airport transfers.

Cheapest Shuttles to LAX from $8 (2022 Updated) (1)


How much does a shuttle to LAX cost? ›

Airport Shuttle Bus

The cost of a one-way ticket is $9.75 USD (€8.70) and the journey shouldn't take longer than 35 minutes, in light traffic. There is a waiting time of up to 35 minutes for the FlyAway shuttle. The FlyAway shuttle is available 24/7 from Los Angeles (LAX) Airport.

Does LAX have a free shuttle? ›

Free shuttle transportation is provided for terminal to terminal connections. Free shuttles transport to and from the terminals and the LAX City Bus Center, LAX Economy Parking, Metro C Line at Aviation Station, and LAX employee parking lots.

Is SuperShuttle coming back? ›

SuperShuttle is back and still offers reliable service in over 50 cities.

How do you pay for shuttle to LAX? ›

The LAX FlyAway® bus service accepts American Express, MasterCard, and Visa debit or credit cards ticket purchases. Cash is NOT accepted on any route. To save time purchase your ticket online here. For parking info at Union Station, visit the Metrolink website.

How early should I get to LAX? ›

Passengers should arrive at LAX two hours before a domestic flight departure and three hours before an international flight departure.

Does Uber go to LAX? ›

When you're ready open the Uber app to request a ride to your destination. Choose the LAX airport transportation option that suits your group and luggage needs. For curbside pickups at LAX, select UberBlack, UberBlack SUV, or Lux. For UberX, XL, Comfort, Select, or Pool, walk or shuttle to LAX-it.


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